I was a little surprised to find Janet having some shut eye time when I got back this afternoon but by the time I got changed and tidied up her room a little she was ready to go. The sun was shining so out we went for the first time in what seems like a couple weeks and it sure felt good. Janet was more than happy to soak it up rather than walk so we spent most of our outing just enjoying the brightness at the beach. Back in her room we made a Skype call to Andrew and for the first time ever Janet talked out loud right from the start of the call without any prompting whatsoever. Shocked me as she had been quiet all afternoon but as soon as Andrew said hi mom she got her pipes going. It was so cool and so funny at times as well. She asked Andrew questions and answered some of his as well. Towards the end of the call she did start to fade and the level of Klingon increased but overall a stellar performance and fitting the oldest “child” was the recipient.

I asked her if she wanted to watch some videos after that and her response was “I want to go for dinner”. Another pleasant surprise but it was still a little early and I remembered she needed to be weighed today so I got Jason to help me and I’m happy to report another significant gain for Janet. Dietary wants her weighed each week now to see how she’s doing with only the one tube feed. They have changed the formula to an even higher calorie one and added an afternoon snack of Ensure to her plan. Also new on the menu is Ensure pudding which is high in calories and will be alternated with yogurt at dinner time.

We sat with Leo, Mary, Nick and Sharon for dinner and Janet ate all her soup and Ensure pudding as well as a little pureed apricot. Leo announced he is going home on Friday which is sad for us but great for him. He has been a real friend to Janet from day one in rehab. After her marathon dinner session Janet went for a cruise around the unit. I think trying to find her room but she wasn’t making that too clear so I just let her explore and when she did finally get into her room she wanted to get into bed. She wouldn’t answer my question about reading or watching videos so I got her dressed for bed, stretched her legs and watched her eyes close before I was even close to finishing. It’s amazing how fast she crashes and then gets going again. From napping to being all smiley in the sunshine to conversing with Andrew to zoning out a little towards the end of dinner to getting a second wind and roaming all over rehab to eyes closed twenty minutes after hitting the pillow. She still appears to be on a roller coaster but the ups and downs aren’t as severe now and she is definitely heading mostly up.

Heather was supposed to have been arriving in Kelowna right about now but some stupid snowstorm in Calgary changed her plans and she will not make it till noonish tomorrow. Praying for a safe trip for her, for a restful and healing night for Janet and for a safe drive for me, Courtney, Mike, Brittney and Ethan as we head to Nanaimo.

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