I returned to a smiley Janet then moments later a crying Janet. These episodes seem to be frustration but on one occasion today she grabbed her right shoulder to say it was sore. Jessica worked on it in OT this morning so it may have been sore from that as I could range it pretty good this afternoon. Once Janet stopped crying she became quite chatty, in her loud voice, and was answering questions and repeating things to me like crazy. I got her into the wheelchair and we headed off on a mission to try and take advantage of this lucid moment. One of the armrests on her wheelchair has been missing a screw for a while now and we keep forgetting to get it fixed so Janet’s mission was to go to OT, find Jessica and say to her, “will you please fix my wheelchair”, in a loud voice. Traveling to OT went well as Janet only needed help turning at their door as it’s on her right side and is kind of small. I pointed her to the office where Jessica was and she got there all by herself. Jessica saw her coming and met us at the office door and I cued Janet to say her line. She did! And in a pretty loud voice too. Jessica was very excited and took Janet over to the repair shop where Nathan fixed the armrest right away. Janet seemed quite proud of herself for getting that done and after an out loud goodbye was off to her room to Skype her mom.

Janet’s moments of brightness come and go quite quickly and although she was excited to see and hear her mom she only managed a few gurgley comments during the call. She is looking forward to seeing Mary/Gaga in person next week. I asked Janet what she wanted to do after Skyping and all she would do is try moving her chair so I released the brake and let her go. We ended up with her Bam Bam’ing all the way to the Royal Building elevators then I drove to six west so we (I) could see how the demolition of the oldest part of the hospital was going. Looks like fun as they have finally started smashing things. Back in her room I read Tim’s column to her before dinner then we joined Sharon, Leo, Barb, Alice and Bea for a long and leisurely dinner. Janet ate a fair bit but was quite slow and seemed a little out of it although she would smile and nod her head when people tried talking to her.

After dinner we watched a little YouTube then Janet elected to have me read some of Anne 2 to her in bed. Once she was settled in the lights came on again and she got all chatty saying some very funny things and laughing at things I would say back to her. This is a family blog so I’m not going into detail. This moment of lucidity lasted for an hour at a time when she has often been eyes shut and a lot of what she said was coming right from her. They weren’t repeats or answers to anything. It was fun and I got to read two chapters of Anne 2 instead of the usual one. Just as fast as they came on, her lights went out again, and I said goodnight to a sleepy but still smiley Janet.

Praying for complete healing really really soon.

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