Happy Day

A very smiley Janet greeted me this morning as Amy was finishing getting her dressed for the day. No tears and some pretty bright eyes made a nice start to the day. Janet drove Bam Bam style to the breakfast table where we sat with Barb, Leo, Alice, Bea and Judy. Leo started a bit of a handshake war as when everyone saw Janet grab his hand and smile they all wanted one from her too and it’s hard to reach everyone from a wheelchair but we managed all except Alice who was at the other end of the table.

Breakfast was a little slow arriving but did have the correct items on the tray and Janet polished off the yogurt and Ensure and had a little bit of the apple sauce. No coughing but some delayed swallowing. Nice to see her eat a good breakfast. It was well after nine by the time she was done though so I let her drive straight down to the gym after stopping by her room for her water. She only made one wrong turn along the way and of course we got there early as Moira and Robyn were in Rounds with Dr. McCann and the rest of the team this morning. I had Janet lift some weights to get warmed up and had her do two sets of ten for the eight, nine and ten pound weights. On the second set for the eight pounder she tried quite hard to put that weight in her right hand. I let her try for a few minutes thinking that the feel of it there and the thinking about it may help rewire something in her brain. She didn’t seem upset that it wouldn’t go and switched to her left after a few minutes. We played catch with an eight inch ball until Moira and Robyn arrived to put Janet on the tilt table.

Moira said there was no change of course coming out of Rounds and Janet’s name will be put forward to the board of Connect at the next review which is sometime in early December. I know she’s going to go there one day fairly soon but I still don’t feel ready for that yet despite the fact her progress is certainly not accelerating like it would have to to stay at KGH. Janet does seem to be in very good spirits today so far and I pray that continues.

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