I arrived to a crying Janet again this afternoon. No idea why she burst into tears moments after I walked into her room. She was concerned about something though as she tried telling me after she calmed down but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I gave her a choice of things to do this afternoon, go home, to the mall or stay there. After about forty five minutes of humming and haahing and talking about other stuff she decided on, go home. I was not convinced that’s what she wanted as for quite a while before that she was just repeating all three options to me. When I got her into the car I asked her again where she wanted to go and she said, the mall. I think I deserve some praise for even suggesting that but I did think a complete change of environment would be good and I am willing to slum it for an hour.

We got inside and Janet’s face lit right up. The first thing she really noticed was a Christmas display outside of SportCheck and she was just beaming looking at it. That was worth the trip right there but we had just started our tour. The next point of interest was Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and she honestly seemed to remember those chocolate covered blueberries. I made a point of reminding her to get better at swallowing so she can eat stuff like that again. I hope it sank in. I drove for the most part as Janet was pretty distracted by all there is to look at. I did actually do a little shopping and it was fun watching Janet “help” me pick a couple things out. One of the stores I bought something in was The Bay (I’m really starting to lose it) and Janet drove herself around the cosmetics area from the men’s department but was still pretty distracted. After completing one lap of the mall it was time to head back to KGH. We stopped to do up Janet’s jacket and she went into a similar coughing/choking fit that she had the other day. This one was not as long but was just as scary. I had my phone out to call for help when she settled down and clearly was going to be alright. I asked her what happened and for the first time all day she was talking to me in a loud voice. She spoke Klingon but it was loud. I made it clear I was scared and a little mad at her because this seems to be caused by her not swallowing often enough and she just kind of laughed as if it was no big deal. I talked to Amy as soon as we got back and she said she had a talk with Connie about the previous incident and Connie is confident it is from secretions so Janet is allowed to continue eating but nothing more solid until she stops doing this.

Janet ate all her soup at lunch and dinner as well as good amounts of all the other items. I see progress being made as far as quantity and even variety but not in speed or her willingness to help herself. Slowly but surely just like everything else I guess.

The rest of the night was spent chatting and getting ready for bed which included a little stretch of the legs. Praying for a restful and healing night and lots of progress tomorrow.


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