Better With Time

Amy was dressing a teary Janet as I arrived this morning. No apparent reason why she was crying and she stayed weepy until we sat her up and got her shirt on. Once she was in the wheelchair she seemed reasonably happy to go for breakfast but it was just Mary and a new guy that had already finished his at the table so things were a little quiet at first. Janet’s tray came with acceptable items on it and she ate a decent amount for her. Connie stopped by to see how the weekend went as she was concerned about Janet’s coughing. I didn’t notice anything unusual over the weekend other than delayed swallowing. The diet will remain as is for now and Connie made Janet a mocha coffee to try this morning and she seemed to think it was OK. We would have to make that ourselves in the future if Janet wants and its good to know she can have it if she’s not grooven on anything else.

Because Janet took so long to eat our stretching time was limited so I focused on the legs. They were quite tight and springy this morning but ended up reasonably straight by the time we had to leave for Physio. Janet had one little crying spell when we got back to her room but by the time she was in the wheelchair again and I said let’s go to the gym she was off like a rocket. For some reason she was drifting off to the left more than the right this morning but her Bam Bam skills are still improving. I gave Moira and Robyn the weekend update and Moira spent a good fifteen minutes working Janet’s right arm and shoulder and was able to range it very nicely. They then had Janet stand up at the parallel bars. Janet was a little nervous the first attempt but stayed up for five minutes or so and on the second try was much more comfortable and able to release her death grip on the bar and use her left arm to give me a high five and wave at Moira who also worked on her right arm a lot while Janet was standing and got it into almost an identical resting position as the left one. After almost fifteen minutes of very nice standing Janet was let down and off to Speech we went.

I had stayed with Janet this morning as I was a little concerned about the crying but as the morning wore on and she got more active she brightened up and cheered up and as soon as I heard her loud voice with Connie I knew I could leave them to do their thing.

Looking forward to an active afternoon.

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