Leisurely Lunch

Janet was sleeping peacefully when I arrived this morning and not even her nurse, Faith, wanted to wake her but we decided to as we don’t want to start a bad habit. When Janet opened her eyes she smiled and I was glad to see she wasn’t too upset with being woken. Faith got her cleaned and dressed and I got her up and out for breakfast. Janet had a nice smile for the breakfast table of Judy, Bea, Barb, Cliff and Alice but was not awake enough to care about eating so only had a few bites of yogurt and strawberry Ensure. When we got back to her room she wanted to get back into bed so I let her just so we could talk and I thought a little more resting time would help but not sleep time I warned her. I gave her the options of home, church or stay here for the morning and she chose stay here. That meant I got to give her another really good stretch after we just chilled for half an hour.

I was quite concerned about her legs this morning as I found them quite tight when she was first getting up but once I started stretching them they loosened up quite nice. I was sure to compliment her on that fact to try and reinforce how she needs to keep them moving and not bent up. Her right arm was a little stiff to start this morning as well but like the legs it got better with movement and Janet seems to be able to tolerate a greater range right now. We did lots of shoulder and arm work this morning as well as some sitting and standing exercises. I assisted Janet with a little Fred Flintstone driving just to see if that right leg would move at all. It did a little but mostly because it was involuntarily shaking. Janet was very strong at getting up from bed this morning but still needed help with the right leg. One time after getting back in the wheelchair she took right off and got going too fast off of the fall mat and crashed shin first into the dresser. She cried for a bit then I showed her how her foot can help her to stop as well as go. Not sure if that concept sunk in but maybe we’ll find out this afternoon.

The morning went by really fast and before we knew it everyone was out for lunch. I have been letting Janet choose where to sit and the last couple times she’s chosen the table that usually is with Mary, Edna and Sharon. She was all big smiles as she headed there for lunch today and the ladies are really happy that Janet chooses them. Meal times are becoming a really fun time that Janet is enjoying more and more. Now if the kitchen would just get her order correct! All she got for lunch today was vanilla Ensure and thickened water. Once again the nurses had to spring into action and pilfer some yogurt and pureed fruit from other trays and ask the kitchen to bring some soup. They did and I noticed it was the same lady who had been to Janet’s room last week and took my very specific instructions and wrote them down in her special little book and assured me all was well. Seriously. Janet ended up eating all of her soup, half the Ensure and yogurt and a good portion of the pureed apricots as well as all of the pureed prunes. I asked the nurses about hydration as Janet is no longer getting the water she would get with the tube feeds and they said to give 100ml after each meal until they hear from dietary if the amount should be different. Good luck with that.

So after a long leisurely lunch we made our way back to Janet’s room to get ready for a visit from Suzanne and she arrived a few minutes later ready to tell Janet lots of stories and maybe go for a walk.

Thankful for the good day so far and looking forward to more quality time with my beautiful wife.

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