Gaining Control

When I returned, Suzanne and Janet were about to read some of Anne 2 but I walked up to the window from the outside to see if Janet would react. I got a little smile and a coached wave. I think she knew it was me out there but she has been very quiet today so I’m not surprised or concerned by the delayed reaction or the subtlety of it. Suzanne said they went on a nice long inside walk with Janet powering herself the whole way and Suzanne only having to step in when the hallways got too busy. Janet didn’t talk much but made her intentions clear with facial expressions and just powering away in her wheelchair.

I gave Janet a chance to lay down a little before dinner as she had not done so all day and was looking a little sleepy after Suzanne left. She had about a half hour of rest time then we headed off to dinner. Nursing changed the water delivery to 120ml before and after each meal which is what it was with the tube feeds so that makes sense but apparently dietary will review it still this week. Seeing how tired Janet was I didn’t think she would eat very much. She surprised me by eating all of her soup and a good bit of the Ensure and yogurt as well as some apple sauce. Good to see! Her tray came correctly for the first time but seven people on the unit got nothing at all! The kitchen is not a very popular place right now. I have been mostly feeding Janet myself and encouraging her to step in and help herself when she wants. She seems quite happy to be served and even in her quietness today she would make it very clear when she didn’t want anymore of something. Either a hand wave or a closed mouth and shake of the head. She may not look it all the time but she is definitely taking more control over what happens in her day and I hope that by continuing to give her choices that will improve even further.

Last to leave the table tonight, we headed back to her room for a stretch before sleep. I thought she might crash on me while I was stretching her but she stayed awake and gave me some smiles and a couple of chuckles as I talked to her. I’m happy with the stretching of her legs tonight as well as her arm but get a sense the Botox may be wearing off. It could be her state of mind too though. I find the less relaxed she is the tighter her extremities are. Janet was doing a lot of thinking today and seemed to be confused at times but probably was just so focused on one thing that anything new didn’t register right away. All in all it was a good day, especially on the eating side and the stamina side as she stayed awake all day with just the one short lay down session.

Praying for a restful night and a day filled with learning, healing and participation tomorrow.

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