Where’s the Beef?

Janet was all snuggled into bed still when I arrived this morning. She had been changed but not dressed but I didn’t clue into that for a long time so I talked to her while waiting for nurses to appear. By 8:30 there was no sign of anyone then I realized I hadn’t left any clothes out for Janet and that’s why she wasn’t dressed. We made it out for breakfast with Sharon and Luella and Janet was happy to be there and ate most of her yogurt and some of the pureed peaches and a little thickened orange juice. Surprise.

I decided to give Janet a pretty good stretch this morning as I haven’t been able to for a few days. I know Moira and Jessica have but the more the better. We started with her sitting on the edge of the bed so I could stretch her ankles. They seem really tight today. Her right arm is a little tighter than yesterday but I was still able to work it pretty good. I spent a lot of time on her legs which seem to be getting tighter and tighter to me yet Janet is using her left leg really well and has had some moments of good movement from the right one as well the past couple of days. Confused. We ended the session with some standing practice. First with Janet trying to get up herself and she made a few strong attempts, one resulting in a very loud grunt from her followed by a little chuckle. I did one of the old style stand ups with me basically lifting her and that doesn’t work so well now without a wedge for her feet.

It was well after eleven by the time I got her into the wheelchair again and I wanted to do some talking exercises with Janet but her left foot hit the floor and she took off out the room like it was on fire. I followed her and she had a really good exploring session of the entire unit before getting herself to the table for lunch with Mary, Sharon and Edna. At one point during her adventure we passed Nick’s room and Janet cruised right in to say hi to him. I was happy to see soup on the tray when lunch arrived but was a little concerned when I saw it was beef barley. Janet is not a beef eater and would not have gone near it prior to May 15. SHE ATE IT ALL along with a little strawberry Ensure. For her reward she does not have to have a lunchtime tube feed so she is resting in bed listening to music until I get back this afternoon.

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