Name That Tune

After lunch I got Janet up to do a little Bam Bam style driving. She wheeled around the unit very well and with improved awareness on the right side I think. I asked her to choose a table to sit at for our visit with Ann Marie and Hayley. She did and we enjoyed a nice visit with the two of them. Hayley is excited about her placement on 4 East starting in January as part of her first year of nursing school. I kind of hope Janet is still at KGH then so we can see Hayley in action.

Next up was a Skype call to Mary/Gaga’s house where Leslie and Gavin are visiting. Janet used her loud voice quite a bit right from the start of the call, unfortunately a lot of it was Klingon though. We had to end the call a little soon as I was having power supply problems with the iPad. Tends to happen when you don’t charge it for over a week.

Dinner was hilarious again. Just thickened lemon water and strawberry Ensure on the tray. Janet’s nurse kindly phoned the kitchen and had them send a bowl of soup down, which she then had to heat up and thicken. Another nurse got a yogurt and some butterscotch pudding for Janet. She ate 2/3 of the soup, enough to avoid the tube feed, as well as little bits of the other things and enjoyed the chatter from Mary, Edna and Sharon.

I left Janet at the dinner table and headed to church knowing Brenda was on her way for a visit. When she arrived Janet and Mary were the only ones at the table and Janet wanted to go to her room. Shortly after they got there Janet indicated she wanted to lay down in bed. Brenda very bravely got Janet into bed using a pivot move all by herself. Well done Brenda! She read some of the Gabby book to Janet and they chatted with Janet whispering, then Brenda starting singing Christmas songs with her and Janet started using her loud voice, especially during Jingle Bells. Nice! When I arrived after church Janet seemed quite pleased with herself for singing out loud but when I asked her after Brenda left what songs she sang she couldn’t name that tune unfortunately.

I gave Janet a decent stretch before bed and reminded her to not bend her legs so much. She seemed to get it in that moment. Praying for a restful and healing night and feeling blessed by the friends we have.

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