This update is dedicated to my dad, Ralph Dieno, who passed away comfortably this morning in Nanaimo, BC. Thank you to all of the many friends that helped both him and my mom over the years. Your love and commitment has been an inspiration. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to visit my dad over the last few months as despite his failing health we were able to talk about things we never talked about before and as you know, neither my dad or I are very big talkers. He was a very caring man who easily gave of anything he had to anyone he felt was in need.

Jessica was helping Janet get cleaned up and dressed for the day as I arrived this morning. Janet greeted me with a nice big smile despite being rolled around while being washed. She participated nicely in all aspects of getting herself ready. By the time we got out to breakfast everyone else was pretty much finished theirs but there was still plenty of time for some morning chatter. Janet ate half her yogurt and some applesauce and even tried a little peach juice. The coffee flavored Ensure was on her tray despite clear instructions to give strawberry or vanilla only. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This was the first morning without a 6am tube feed and Janet ate more breakfast than I’m used to her eating including a few spoons full with her meds stirred in.

Moira and Robyn joined us at the breakfast table as Moria wanted to test Janet in the Arjo to see why nursing had stopped using it and what legitimate concerns they might have if any. When Janet was done eating and we shared some tears over my dad we headed off with Moira and Robyn to her room. Robyn had only used an Arjo once before so was a good guinea pig to see if she could screw it up. She got Janet all hooked up and lifted her out of her wheelchair no problem at all. Moira tried a few other configurations to see if Janet would be in any danger at all but all seemed good. She then brought Janet’s nurse for the day, Karen, in for a trial and she mentioned that they usually bring people all the way up to a standing position. That might be the problem as Janet can’t stand straight up nor does she need to. It seems to Moira and Robyn and Karen that if things are done properly for Janet the Arjo will work fine and we can get her onto toilet training. Here’s hoping.

I left Janet with Moira and Robyn who were going to do some stretching with her in the gym as we didn’t have time for that earlier.

Looking forward to an afternoon of progress.


  1. My heartfelt condolences Larry on the loss of your Father. He sounds like a wonderful man and Father. My prayer is that he will be united with the Lord and live in eternal peace and joy. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You may be quiet in person, but your heart and soul shines through in your wonderful journal entries. Thank you. Big hug and kiss for Janet.

  2. I guess I put my comment on the wrong page… it belongs here… my question asking about if your dad was the gentleman I often interacted with in Wexford.

  3. I haven’t seen a way to write to you that isn’t on this post… but thats ok… I’m one of the leaders of the Salvation Army church service that we do at Wexford once and month. And your dad (and presumably mom) were there for nearly every service and your dad was just such a highlight for me. My husband and I were sick over Christmas and were not in to do the Christmas service so yesterday was our first day back “on the job” and we really missed seeing your dad. So I was hoping to get in contact with his family to send our love, and hugs and prayers from the Salvation Army group that knew your dad. If I’d have known earlier I’d have really liked to send your mom some flowers or a card, but it may not be appropriate now that so much time has passed. But please do pass along that there was a hole there on Sunday and we’re upholding your family in prayer.

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers and your visits to Wexford. I will pass the message on to my mom. I’m curious as to how you found this blog. Twitter? Facebook? Another blog?

  4. Actually on my lunch hour at work today I was google-ing your dad’s name hoping to find a way to track down his family – not knowing your mom’s name etc. And with the privacy laws facilities can’t give us any information on residents. Luckily, you’d put his name in this post and I found you! I can’t say I really “knew” your dad, but his smile and his spirit lit up our service. We are blessed for having been able to meet your parents.

    1. Very cool. Thanks for taking the time to seek us out. Your right about my Dad’s smile. Blessings.

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