One Step Two Step

When I got back to Janet’s room this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to find Carrie there. She was having a heavy duty conversation with Janet and conveying her love and the love of the Holy Spirit as only Carrie can. She is definitely one of the people God has placed in our lives at the right time and today was for sure the right time for some Carrie. I asked Janet afterwards if it was a nice visit and she said “it was a surprise” and agreed that it was a nice surprise.

Janet was having her tube feed lunch through Carrie’s visit which told me she didn’t eat much pureed food earlier. I talked to the nurses and they said Janet ate some but had a little coughing when eating some mashed potatoes and her voice was often gurggely. Connie was there and decided to play it safe and put Janet back on the liquid diet for the weekend and she may order another swallowing X-ray to ensure Janet is clearer than she sounds. One step forward two steps back but everything in its time.

After a quick change Janet got up from bed mostly unassisted while being watched by her skeptical nurse. High five! I then got her into the wheelchair and asked her to take me to the gym. She very confidently started out and made the first two turns correctly but headed for the first gym she saw instead of the one she goes to. She eventually found it then did really well making her way to Connie’s office. She got right to it but pointed to the door on the wrong side of the hall. Next up was the OT department and she nailed that one as she did with the dining area. I asked her to go back to her room from there but because it’s on the right hand side of the hallway she sailed right past it. It was pretty cute watching her slow down and peer into each room she past on her left then speeding up as she realized it wasn’t hers. This is the first time I’ve tested her this way and I’m very pleased with how she did.

Dinner was a massive disappointment. On her tray was Vanilla Ensure and thickened lemon water. That’s it. No yogurt, no soup. The person serving the meals brought a soup after but it wasn’t thickened so I said no then she found a yogurt and Janet ate most of that. In light of Janet’s less than satisfactory swallowing right now the lack of food isn’t a big deal but I got the impression even she was not impressed when the tray arrived. Hopefully the weekend is better he said sarcastically.

I read a couple chapters of Anne 2 to Janet after dinner and with one and a half pages to go she was closing her eyes. I got her all ready for bed and during our prayer mentioned my dad and she started crying again which got me going and that was not how I wanted to end the day with her so we talked a bit and soon her smile came back along with the sleepy eyes and I was able to say goodnight.

Praying for a restful and healing night and a tomorrow filled with excitement and progress.


  1. You are one amazing guy, Larry. To have so much on your plate, is simply remarkable, and now your Dad, somehow it just doesn’t seem fair or right. one thing in your corner, there are an awful lot of people sending out great vibes for you and your family. Larry, I want you to know, if there is anything I can do to help, Please ask,just ask and if it can be done, it will be done, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, always. You are a strong man Larry and I honestly believe that your Faith will see you through this.Your friend Greg

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