Rollie Pollie

Fresh out of the shower, Janet was getting dried off and dressed when I arrived this morning. Her hair was all spiky and cool looking. I might try and keep it that way sometime. I don’t think she appreciated getting up so early and being tossed around so much as she had a bit of a frown on and was not chatty at all. She sat quietly through breakfast and ate only a teeny bit of peach juice. We did get a good stretch in, especially her right arm as it is nice and relaxed today. There are more “new” nurses on the unit today and chaos ruled with Janet not getting her morning meds until after 9:30 which meant we were late for Physio.

Moira and Robyn welcomed Janet despite the tardiness and Janet started to brighten up. They got her rolling around and sitting up and down and doing some yoga type work on one of the table mats. I don’t think it’s Janet’s favorite activity but the stretching aspect of it was very good for her. At the end of the session they assisted Janet in standing from sitting using a wedge under her feet. Janet took most of the weight but didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as previous and I mentioned to Moira that when I’ve asked her if she wanted to stand the last couple of days she has said no. We think she’s reluctant due to the increased tone in her legs. Maybe.

Connie ran Janet through some vocal exercises and then reading flashcards. Janet did reasonably well but still has trouble with the K sound especially. Today is the day Connie will sit with Janet at lunch and have her try some pureed meat and vegetables. I asked Connie if it was reasonable to discontinue Janet’s 6am tube feed as she has not been eating breakfast really and maybe it’s because she’s full from the feed. She will talk to nursing and dietary about that.

Janet drove Bam Bam style back to her room for the break before OT. We had a nice chat with Marlene the social worker there and Janet was quite smiley and bright eyed. Jessica told Janet they were going to work in the kitchen for OT today and Janet seemed quite excited about that as she headed into the kitchen without waiting for Jessica or me. I left them there so I could retrieve Nash from the groomer.

Looking forward to a productive afternoon.

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