Making the Rounds

Houdieno made a brief reappearance this afternoon. Janet was in bed finishing her lunch feed when I returned and she was smiley and chatty for about ten minutes. I then when to get changed and by the time I got back she had one leg over the side of the bed and was working on the second one. Fortunately that was her right leg and it wasn’t moving too well today. I teased her about escaping and she smiled. I helped her the rest of the way to sitting on the edge of the bed and gave her right arm and her ankles a bit of a stretch.

Jessica dropped by to discuss wheelchairs for Janet as I would like to get her her own before my extended health plan expires. She has a model in mind but we need to test Janet in a few different configurations before deciding which is best. I asked if it was too early to be doing this in case Janet changes a lot over the next few months and Jessica said there is no real way to tell. It certainly doesn’t seem like Janet would decline in her abilities and that is the more difficult adjustment to make chair wise so we should be good. Jessica also said that toileting Janet is her priority for the next while and I mentioned Janet’s curiosity about our kitchen and how well she had done opening drawers and cupboards etc. She said they have a mock kitchen in OT and she will take Janet there for sure.

Despite the sunshine Janet elected to take an inside walk today and made very good use of her decision. She Bam Bam’d her way all the way through rehab, the cafeteria, then down the long hallway to the Centennial Building lobby. Huge high five! I only had to keep her clear of a few walls and doorways otherwise she was on her own. On the way back she elected to go up to 4B to see who was there. She was greeted by another enthusiastic welcome which unfortunately overwhelms her to the point where all she will do is smile and whisper hi. I really want them to hear that loud voice. It’s coming. We snuck down to 4A in hopes that Brenda was there and she was. She was very pleasantly surprised and excited to see Janet and complimented her like crazy. Brenda was Janet’s nurse when she arrived on 4B so long ago and last saw Janet briefly just as she moved to rehab. Janet’s progress is immense since Brenda first worked with her and seeing her today was very worth the trip.

Before dinner I asked Janet to write on the whiteboard and she impressed me with some very deliberate attempts at writing something. She wouldn’t tell me what it was but the letters S, E and W were very clear and some others like C and P were placed on top of each other. This is the first time I’ve seen such a serious effort to write on her own without prompting, previously it was just lazy scribble. Nice to see.

Dinner was fun with Leo, Nick, Barb and Alice. Janet ate well and enjoyed the company and chatter staying until only Alice was left. Carol gave Janet her muscle relaxer and we agreed that Janet was much more alert this morning as opposed to when she got that med and bedtime. Janet was very tired by this time so off to bed she went. I laid down with her for a while waiting for her dinner feed to finish and hoping she would get a burst of energy but no go. I helped her brush her teeth and get dressed for bed then said goodnight.

Praying for another restful and healing night.

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