Big Smiles

This morning I was greeted by a very smiley and loudly talking Janet. She was still in bed but dressed and just kinda resting with her eyes closed. Much improved from yesterday. We chatted for a bit and it was so nice to hear her loud voice. She said she didn’t want to get up and go for breakfast but I insisted. She must really not have wanted to because as soon as she was up her voice returned to a whisper.

We got out to the usual table with all the regulars plus a new lady, Barb, and her husband Cliff. They live close to CedarCreek and enjoy “our” wines. Janet smiled at everyone as we said hello and she ate a good portion of yogurt and a little applesauce. Breakfast is definitely not her thing but she did enjoy sitting with everyone.

Back in her room for a stretch I was very pleased with her right arm and shoulder. They seem more relaxed than yesterday. Her legs were very tight to begin with but with some time they loosened up reasonably well. We made it to the gym on time after one little melt down that started as she tried to get up from bed. She was all smiles as we entered the gym and she even asked Moira how she was doing after Moria asked her. In a loud voice too. The plan was to start Janet in the peddling machine then stand her up using the parallel bars. She seemed quite excited and raring to go as I said goodbye.

Looking forward to a sunny afternoon.

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