Holidays Suck

The only time I liked long weekends was when I was in a union job. Mostly they are a costly waste as evidenced by the level of care demonstrated this past weekend at KGH. Laurel and I have never witnessed the staff so disorganized, grumpy or uncaring as the last few days. Not all of them, just the ones brought in to cover the regulars who took the long weekend off and the casuals who don’t have enough seniority to work a stat holiday. You end up with the greedy jaded ones and the quality goes right down the dumper. To back up my point when I arrived a couple minutes before eight this morning Janet was still in her gown and lying in a very wet bed. She wasn’t complaining at all but she can’t really. Her nurses for today came in a few minutes later and got her ready for the day. They are a good crew but clearly were playing catch up from what was left them overnight. Long weekends always result in a downgrade of care and this one was the worst by far. I really don’t understand how the level of care in a hospital can drop just because someone says it’s a holiday weekend. The patient’s needs don’t change. That is my rant for the day. Thanks.

Janet brightened right up when we arrived at her breakfast table. Leo was back from his weekend at home and Alice even greeted us with a smile. Leo had bought a little stuffed toy for Nash and gave it to Janet, she was quite excited. I hope she doesn’t think it’s hers. Breakfast arrived and despite talking directly to a lady from nutrition services yesterday Janet got creamed rice and thickened orange juice along with the yogurt, apple sauce and Ensure. When I explained to the person who brought it out she said hang onto the menu and keep bugging “them”, eventually they’ll get it. Sure.

Janet ate all of her yogurt and a bit of the apple sauce and a couple tastes of the Ensure. This one was a new flavor, butter pecan. Not a hit. I got her back to her room but with the nurses still scrambling to catch up we had to wait for her bed to be made, then her meds to be given before I could start stretching her legs. I had worked her arm a little bit earlier and it seemed nice and loose. The legs were a different story at first but in the limited time I had I was able to get a good enough result to start the day. I asked Janet to get back up and after a few minutes she had not really tried so I helped her up and in doing so told her “your not helping me much here Janet”. She started crying. I have to be careful about saying negative things like that. She may have been trying just not able to then. Janet really brightened up some more when we arrived at the gym. Moira is working with a student, Robyn, this week and they planned on getting Janet onto the tilt table. That will be good for her legs.

Looking forward to what promises to be a busy afternoon.

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