This afternoon was a busy one and no matter how much time you think you have it’s never enough. Before I headed back I got a call from Carrie to tell me she had a very powerful visit with Janet in between Speech and OT. There were smiles and tears and hugs and prayers and more evidence of Janet’s growing awareness. Thank you Carrie. You are a blessing.

Janet was still enjoying her lunch feed when I got back. I was earlier than normal but still a little upset she was still plugged in but when I talked to her nurse, Ramjan, he said he sat with Janet at lunch, she ate most of her soup and yogurt and when he asked her if she wanted to go, she said “no, stay here”. Ramjan worked with Janet early on in the 4B days and those were the first words she has ever said to him. He was genuinely pleased. I could no longer be mad that the feed was late since Janet was hanging out with Ramjan.

I tried to get her to tell me about her morning and who had visited but despite a better than usual effort, which included trying to tell me five people had visited her, I got no legitimate answers. She was very bright though and it was clear something exciting had happened while I was gone. We chatted until the lunch feed ended then barely had time to get out the door and drive downtown for a meeting with Linda the Notary. I wanted one more shot at some sort of POA with Janet as opposed to the complicated Committeeship. Janet gave Linda some really good answers in a whispering voice but is unable to answer in such a way that qualifies for a POA. Linda was very kind and supportive through this process and I thank her for the effort.

Janet chose to head back to KGH rather than walk around town. I guess it was too cold for her. I ran into Dr. McCann at the water machine so we had a little chat. He told me the plan with Janet right now is to stay at KGH rehab until after Christmas then start the process of transferring her to Connect. He wants her to have the best possible chance at success here and is hoping she will become more participatory between now and Christmas. She seems to have hit a bit of a wall as far as OT and PT goes so he will try harder to get her right shoulder and arm pain free. The rest of it is up to her natural healing rate. I mentioned my concern with her legs and he will look into that some more too. It may be that the Botox in the legs had more of an effect than we thought as it has been around ten or eleven weeks since she was injected and that is when it wears off so the increased tone may be attributed to that. He will check and if so maybe hit her again. I asked about Janet’s vital signs, her BP seems well under control from the Ramapril, but her HR is always high 80’s low 90’s, is that a concern? Not at this time. He thought maybe it was due to a drug he gave her when she first arrived in rehab but I said it’s been high since the beginning of this. He’ll keep an eye on it but treatment would be a beta blocker and that’s the last thing she needs now. I agree and know from experience. Brutal. I reminded him that the efforts to get Janet onto the toilet have stopped and asked if we could get that going again. I also asked if he would write an order that her muscle relaxer be given at dinner rather than bedtime. He thought it reasonable to try. A quick but productive water machine chat.

Janet and I attempted to Skype Mary/Gaga and while we waited for her to get online I gave Janet a pre-dinner stretch. No change anywhere but as I was working on her legs my mind was trampling through all the information of the last few weeks and trying to sort out the future. I got to a point where I stopped and asked Janet if we could pray. She must have sensed a need to as well as she started crying and held out her hand. Hard to pray out loud when your crying but I managed and I think we both came out stronger on the other side. We finally made a connection with Mary/Gaga but it kept dropping and I think that took a lot of the excitement away from Janet so she wasn’t too chatty. We got out for dinner a little late but Leo, Nick and Alice were still there and Janet seemed pleased about that giving smiles to all. She ate all of her cream of vegetable soup and a little yogurt. There was a note of apology on the tray as the soup was a substitute for something they did not have. Can’t imagine what that would be as I/Janet had ordered soup. Hmmmm.

We returned to Janet’s room to Skype with Cam. Dinner must have woken Janet up as she was quite chatty with him although not very loud and a lot of it in Klingon. My mom had called during the talk with Cam and I told Janet afterwards that she had said my dad is not doing well. She turned her head the fastest ever, looked right at me with real concern and listened as I gave her some details. When I was done she said “I don’t want you to be sad about your dad”, then the tears started again. I was amazed at how tuned into that information she was. To fend off the tears I found a clip of George Carlin on YouTube and we laughed out loud a few times during that. Watch it and see if you can guess what Janet laughed at. We watched a few more funny clips then I got Janet into bed and said goodnight.

Praying for a restful and healing night and for a day of learning and happiness. Praying also for my dad (peace) and my mom (strength).

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