Soups of the Day

Lunch went well for Janet with Laurel saying she ate a lot of her soup and yogurt. Yes, I said soup. She finally got some! Laurel hung out until around one then came home so I could get her to the airport.

When I got back to KGH Janet was in her wheelchair at the side of her bed trying to pull herself forward. I got a big smile and a loud “Hi” when I walked in then I asked her what she was doing and she started crying a frustrated kind of cry. I couldn’t tell what she was trying to do. It didn’t make sense she would try and get back into bed but after some reassuring that’s where she ended up as I wanted to see if she needed changing like she usually does by that time. All was clear so I took advantage of the time to sit her up and stretch her arm a little. That went pretty well as did an ankle stretch. Janet choose to do some talking practice instead of going for an inside walk, she said “that sometimes is not fun”. I agreed. We did some vocal exercises and some pronunciation practice as well as a few of the oral motor skills work. Janet was able to produce a pretty loud voice a few times but not consistently but to end the session her and I did a decent duet of the ABC Song. Sorry, no recording available. Back on her bed I gave a good long stretch to her legs. I’m always concerned about those after I’ve been away but they loosened up and straightened out really nice. Good work Laurel!

Dinner was a double surprise as not only did Janet receive the soup that was on her menu (cream of mushroom) but also a bowl of broccoli soup. She had some mango yogurt to start while the soups were cooling then ate ALL the mushroom soup and a good portion of the broccoli. It’s a good thing she is in a wheelchair as I think she was too full to walk afterwards. It took her over an hour to eat all that so by the time we were back in her room there was only fifteen minutes of talk time before her tube feed ended and she started closing her eyes. I got her to brush her teeth then get dressed for bed. It was still only 6:30 and I didn’t really want to leave yet but Janet had had enough so I said goodnight.

Thanking Laurel for her time and efforts in caring for her mom this weekend and praying for a restful and healing night with a strong day of progress tomorrow.

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