Playing House

Laurel went in early to get Janet to breakfast and give me the OK is she wanted to come home for the morning. She did indeed so I headed down after shoveling eight centimeters of snow out of the way. Things still are screwed up as far as Janet’s meals go. She got oatmeal again today, no yogurt and no pureed fruit. I will be grateful to have the regular staff back tomorrow to try and resolve this.

Jason had Janet all dolled up with a sweater and scarf and her hair styled so all Laurel had to do was get her jacket and gloves on and out into the snow we went. Janet has never been a huge fan of snow but I think she enjoyed the change it brings. Once we got home I sat Janet on the couch so she could visit with Nash. He really enjoys the attention she gives him now and is not quite as hyper when we come home. Janet wasn’t offering any suggestions as to what to do this visit so Laurel and I gave her a few ideas and she chose to wheel around the house first. I have reconfigured some of the furniture in hopes it would be easier for Janet to move about and so far I think it’s helped. I’ll keep trying different things but the more I watch her move around the place the more obstacles I see. It’s still too early to tell for sure but chances are some major changes will have to be made when she comes home for good.

After a couple of laps around the kitchen and family room, Janet made her way down to the bedroom where Nash found his ball so of course Janet wanted to play with him. I set her up in the doorway and she managed to throw Nash’s ball about four feet down the hall for him quite a few times. When that was over she quite loudly asked Nash “would you like a Scooby Snack”. He didn’t understand her but I did and Laurel, standing in the family room, heard it too. I wheeled Janet into position in front of the fridge and she reached out and opened the drawer where Nash’s treats are kept. She grabbed the turkey sausage, which he gets sometimes, but I had a container of other things for him so had to tell her to grab that. She closed the drawer and then shut the fridge door. Pretty good. I helped her get a Scooby Snack out and she told Nash to sit but said it too quiet for him so I asked her just to hold it out so he could grab it. With that done I asked Janet to put the container away. The fridge door is too hard for her to open but she got the drawer inside open and plunked the container back into it and shut it up. Pretty good again. I asked her a bunch of questions about various things in the kitchen as was surprised at how she remembered where a lot of things were. She had trouble naming objects but knew where to get tea from and soup. She had a little melt down when she could not say what you would use to make tea in. She did say “I don’t know” and I was really happy with that and she said it in her loud voice too. Much better than “nothing” or Klingon. Janet spent quite a long time exploring the kitchen trying to figure things out. I thought it was cool and a good learning experience for her.

For fun we turned the tv on and showed Janet a recorded segment of Andrew appearing on The Morning Show on Global Toronto. He does a five minute segment every Thursday morning talking about entertainment things coming up in Toronto. Last week I remembered we actually get Global Toronto here so I recorded the episode and showed it to Janet. Despite the really bad Skype connection Global used that day Janet knew it was Andrew she was watching and nodded her head when I asked if he had done well.

A little earlier than we expected, Janet was ready to head back to KGH where Laurel will stay with her during lunch then I will take her to the airport for her flight back to Calgary.

Looking forward to some catch up time with my beautiful wife this afternoon.

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