Still A Good Sunday

I returned to find Mom still curled up in her bed, but reporting that she did not rest. I have noticed that whenever she is in bed she is often trying to figure out how to sit up, get out, or otherwise move around…probably a good thing, but not so good as far as getting some rest. It was just about time to Skype with Aunt Leslie, so I started searching for the Ipad and by the time I turned back around she was half of the way to sitting on the side of the bed. Mom seemed to enjoy our chat with Aunt Leslie despite some difficulties with the connection, and had a good laugh when she saw Aunt Leslie almost fall off of her chair. We then did some more stretching and Mom seemed very intent on trying to get her right leg to move through the different sequences I was suggesting. Afterwards we watched some more YouTube clips of X-Factor and some old So You Think You Can Dance highlights. Larry surprised us as we were getting ready to head for dinner and Mom flashed her biggest smile of the day. Throughout the afternoon, she had a couple moments when her “loud voice” seemed to pop out, though what she was saying wasn’t always clear during these times. So nice to hear her voice, though.

After dinner we finished off the “Ramona and Beezus” movie, with Mom staying awake for the whole thing. She was quite agitated when the volume got loud, but once that was fixed she appeared to enjoy it. Some tears before bed but after a little pep talk she seemed content to drift off to sleep. So thankful for all of the time with her this weekend.

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