Good Sunday

I arrived around 7:50 this morning and found Mom already sitting out in the dining hall waiting for breakfast. She looked very spiffy, wearing a sweater, a scarf, and her glasses, and with her hair neatly combed. Apparently Nurse Jason had done a very nice job this morning. She wasn’t too interested in eating breakfast, and indicated that she wasn’t feeling so good, hadn’t slept well, and was tired. It was nice to see that she was responding to questions more like usual and talking again, however. In fact, she was quite chatty and really fun to hang out with throughout most of the morning. A definite improvement over the past two days. The unit appears to still be struggling with a change in the computer system, however, as she was oddly offered pancakes and sausage this morning, as well as medications to take orally, none of which she is cleared to have yet. The good news is soup finally came with her lunch today – yay!

Mom and I had a good walk around the hospital this morning, with her steering well when driving “Bam Bam” style. She was also able to clear both legs over the side of the bed when trying to sit up after a stretch. My favourite moment of the morning came as we were looking at the framed picture from Carrie and talking a little about her when Mom whispered, quite clearly, “I should send her something.” So sweet, and so very Mom-like. Love when those moments happen. She was quite often taking the time to swallow before responding to my questions today, which seemed to help make her voice more clear, and just generally quite a bit more understandable and more aware until she began to tire around lunchtime. She enjoyed a visit from Suzanne over lunch, and I definitely enjoyed the extra conversation at an otherwise very quiet lunch table. Looking forward to more hanging out this afternoon and finishing our movie tonight!

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