Slow Start

Mom was sound asleep and still in her nightgown when I arrived this morning, with little evidence that anyone had been in to wake her. I found her tube feed still going, and reading 1072 mL. As each meal is only supposed to be 325 mL, I turned it off and went to go find a nurse to help with the situation. She claimed that they just hadn’t reset the display to get it to go back to 0 after the previous meals, but her story just didn’t add up. Mom was again quite groggy in the morning and I’m wondering if an extra large breakfast may have had something to do with that…

Larry stopped by and hung out for a little before heading off to Nanaimo to see his parents. We then stretched out Mom’s arm and Skyped with Heather. Mom instantly perked up when Skyping with Heather and Allan, smiling and laughing almost the entire time. It’s hard not to laugh when Heather is attempting to dance…but still, it was a great response from Mom. She even said “Bye Heather, I love you too” at the end of the conversation. A definite highlight of the day. Afterward, I stretched out Mom’s legs, with some more great response from the right leg and even some movement when asked. We eventually headed out to the dining hall for lunch. Mom was very quiet throughout lunch, seeming quieter than normal again today. At one point she did say something about “not feeling well,” although it’s hard to tell if it was just parroting of what I was asking or really what she felt. Despite a request for soup yesterday, she still had no soup with lunch today, so was just left with thickened cranberry juice and vanilla pudding, neither of which she was at all interested in. I don’t really blame her. We headed back to her room for her tube feed, and the nurse was careful to set the machine to limit the amount to 325 mL. I got Mom in bed and tried to perk her up with some dance moves in her wheelchair, and was happy to hear some laughter and an attempt at talking. Left Mom snug in bed requesting that she have a little nap so that she can hopefully be more energized and talkative this afternoon.

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