Movie Night

Update from Laurel:

I returned this afternoon to find Mom all curled up in her blankets, appearing very cozy. Fortunately, she was also much more talkative than this morning for awhile, and I really enjoyed our chat. She claimed she didn’t fall asleep for a nap, but I think the rest in bed really helps her. According to her nurse, Mom had gotten the cord of the tube feed rolled around her and part of the cord disconnected (not the part that enters into her) while I was away during the lunch break. Still not too sure how that could have happened…

We then got in her wheelchair and headed outside for a walk, although we had to spend much of the time inside as it felt pretty cold. Back in her room, we Skyped with Raj and then worked on some speech exercises. The list of exercises involved a lot of tongue movements, and although Mom took a second or two to figure out what to do, I really thought she did well at them. And, can totally see that these will be helpful to practice in order to improve her speech, as Mom’s speech often involves very little mouth/tongue movement.

We then headed out for dinner, but once again the soup had not yet made it onto her menu. Apparently, the first time they attempted to enter it into the system someone made a mistake, and when they re-entered it after lunch this morning it didn’t happen in time to get on her menu for tonight. Fingers crossed that some soup arrives tomorrow, as Mom seems to be growing less interested in pudding and thickened juice. (I think I would be too.) She did, however, enjoy a few more scoops of DQ ice cream after dinner.

Mom had another crying meltdown when in her room this evening, and when I asked her if she could tell me what exactly was upsetting her she couldn’t say anything. When I ventured with “I’m guessing you’re just wanting to get better and get home” she gave a very emphatic “Yes!” Fortunately she appeared to perk up as we both got in bed and watched “Ramona and Beezus” on Netflix. A very enjoyable time – really felt like old times. She watched pretty intently for an hour and then slowly drifted off to sleep. Hoping she gets a good rest and looking forward to tomorrow.

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