Ice Cream!

Update from Laurel:

Mom continued to be a little “groggy” for the remainder of the afternoon. She did perk up at times (including during a short “Kardashian skit” that we were able to perform for Larry when he arrived…no questions please…), but she definitely seemed to be bogged down by something. Wondering if she is perhaps coming down with a bit of a cold; perhaps feeling side effects of the muscle relaxer; or maybe just having an “off day.” Nonetheless, she had some nice smiles as we read Anne 2, and she stretched out pretty nicely during a pre-dinner stretch. In particular, her right leg appeared much more flexible than when I had last been in town, as I found I hardly had to work on it at all to get it almost straight. She smiled during a quick visit with Brenda, and appeared to enjoy a little DQ ice cream that Larry treated her with over dinner. She additionally finished all of her banana cream pudding at dinner – go Mom.

After dinner, we returned to her room and when I gave her a list of ideas for things that we could do, she quickly repeated “X Factor,” so I cued up some X Factor youtube clips. I then attempted an impromptu eye exam, and was surprised by how well she did when I was across the room and she had her glasses on. Finally, we read some more Anne 2 until Mom had her eyes closed and appeared to be ready to drift off to sleep. I said goodnight to her and was treated to some really nice smiles. Looking forward to more smiles and hopefully a lot more energy tomorrow.

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