Jessica was just bringing Janet out for breakfast when I arrived this morning. She seemed kinda tired still but brightened up as soon as we were seated with the regulars. For some reason the kitchen gave her oatmeal today, yuk. She did eat most of the yogurt though. We headed back to her room for a stretch and she still seemed a little bit out of it. I was happy with the results I got from her right arm but didn’t have time to do much on the legs as she needed to be changed again.

I got her to the gym and had her do her warm up bicep curls. When she was done I asked her to go ask Rob if he had any heavier weights as he had offended Janet a few days ago with a three pounder. I wheeled her up behind him and Moira got his attention and right on cue Janet asked him in a loud whisper. He laughed and went and got a 25 and 35 pound weight. Janet tried the 25 but couldn’t budge it. That was the most I got from Janet all morning. She just seemed really quiet and off somewhere else most of the morning. Her lethargy could be from the muscle relaxer so I asked Jen (her nurse from 4B now working rehab) to give that med at dinner time instead of bedtime. Hopefully the drowsiness will wear off sooner.

Laurel’s plane was a little late so I went out to get her during Physio and we got back in time for Speech. Connie gave us instructions on how to thicken the DQ Soft Serve I got Janet for this evening. Should be fun.

The rest of the morning was uneventful as Janet remained quiet, did not eat any lunch at all and looked like she was ready for a nap when Laurel and I put her to bed for her lunch feed. We both had appointments for the afternoon with Laurel planning on returning around two. Hopefully Janet has more energy after her rest.

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