Tech Savvy

When I arrived this morning Janet was still out having her shower and she returned all bundled up and cozy. I helped get her ready for the day and out to the dining area for breakfast. Her nurse told me that when Janet’s breakfast tube feed ended this morning they heard the signal going on the pump and came in to turn it off and when they came into the room Janet was reaching over the bed rail and pushed the button to silence the alarm! She’s getting pretty tech savvy on us here.

Janet wasn’t interested in breakfast much this morning but enjoyed sitting out in the hub bub of everyone else doing their thing. We headed back for a stretch before Physio and I found her right arm to be even looser this morning but her legs seemed a little tighter. She was not very talkative or energetic and didn’t brighten up that much until we got to the gym. I talked to Moira about the muscle relaxer and how we are not really noticing any effect, unless Janet’s lethargy this morning is from that. She will check with Dr. McCann to see if the effect is only noticeable overnight or what.

The plan for Janet’s Physio session was to lay her on her tummy. I suggested Moira should have better luck with that now that Janet’s right arm and shoulder are feeling the affects of the Botox. Janet had brightened up quite a bit once we were in the gym and she did her warm up weight lifting.

Praying for an active afternoon of learning.


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