I woke Janet up as I arrived back in her room this afternoon. We had a nice little chat with her talking mostly in Klingon and in a whisper but she was trying to tell me something. I ended up telling her about my day so far and she listened intently and nodded at the appropriate times. I noticed some new writing on her white board and asked her if she had done it. The only legible thing was Emma and I asked if that was Moira’s daughter or nurse Emma. She said “nurse Emma”. I was surprised as I hadn’t seen her today but she popped in a few minutes later and plead guilty to the white board writing. She had sat with Janet during lunch then had a little chat with her afterwards and asked her to write on the white board. All this when Emma was not even assigned to Janet’s side of the unit. The kid is amazing. I challenged Janet to get up from bed on her own and for the first time she used the proper technique and actually got both legs over the side of the bed. She needed a little help getting the upper body started as her left arm was not in a good position but once started she made it the rest of the way. High five!

I gave her some choices of what to do this afternoon and she really wasn’t sure other than “hang around here” so we went for a Bam Bam style drive around the Unit. She was easily distracted again today by anyone wandering into her field of vision and that caused her to drift to the right a lot and to tune out my instructions to come back to the left. She had some moments of brilliance though so I know she can still improve. We tried a little Fred action (both feet) but she wasn’t able to move the right one at all. I think with me moving her right foot for her is good practice and maybe will help build a pattern for communication so she can do it herself. That’s what I’m hoping for anyways because she does try, unfortunately when she does, her left foot moves instead. Not always but mostly. We made it down to the gym and Moira stopped us in the hall to tell me she saw the biggest smile on Janet’s face ever this morning and heard her loudest voice. Rob had on what looks a little like a Cuban military shirt today so Moira was calling him Fidel. At the end of Janet’s session she asked her to say hi Fidel when Rob came over. She did, in a very loud voice and everyone cracked up. Janet was smiling as Moira told the story and then as we turned around inside the gym Rob came over and asked if he still looked like Fidel and Janet laughed some more. She sure loves the Physio department.

We made our way back to Janet’s room and made a Skype call to Heather and Allan. Janet didn’t talk much and only whispered when she did but I could tell she was happy to see and hear them both. Dinner was next and we sat with Leo, Nick, Edna and Alice. A good table with lots of nice chatter. Janet wasn’t participating but she sure was watching and she ate ALL of her soup plus some of the strawberry Ensure (surprise) and a little bit of the pureed apricot. I actually had to convince her to try some of the chocolate pudding which she did but luckily for me she was too full to eat much of it. Janet was happy to sit at the table for quite a while listening to the conversation then we headed back to her room for a stretch as I didn’t get to do it pre-dinner. Her legs were pretty tight again but no worse than before. By the time I was done Janet was pretty much asleep so I said goodnight.

Praying for a restful and healing night, an enjoyable and active day with Laurel tomorrow and thanking Jesus for all the awesome people caring for Janet.

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