Spa Girl

When I returned this afternoon Janet was sitting on the edge of the bed looking out the window as her nurse finished putting her tube feed away from lunch. Good of her nurse to get her up like that. Janet was in a good mood and wanted to go outside for a walk so we did. Too windy for the beach so we stuck to the neighborhood to the north this time and had a little leaf fight along the way. Janet thinks it’s really funny to have piles of leaves thrown on her and this time she managed to throw some back at me. It was hard to escape the wind so we only stayed out about a half hour before Janet attempted the long hallway Bam Bam style. She was not as confident as she was this morning. I think the busyness of that area gets to her a little but it was worth the try.

We had a few minutes to spare before the pre-dinner stretch and despite being given a choice of three fun things to do Janet couldn’t make up her mind so I went with option four and took the nail polish off her finger nails. It was a good choice as the polish was hiding a lot of dirt under her nails especially on her left hand. She was very still and cooperative throughout and I think actually enjoyed the pampering. Very unlike Janet. Since Moira had worked her arm and shoulder this morning as had I, the pre-dinner stretch was legs only. Despite them feeling very tight all day I think I got a pretty good result. I did not notice any effect from the muscle relaxing drug today but the dosage is being doubled tonight so maybe tomorrow will be different.

Dinner went really well tonight with Janet eating more than half her soup and about half her yogurt. I tried convincing her the Strawberry Ensure was not that bad and she tried one little taste then shook her head no. Kiko arrived as Janet was finishing so we headed off to her room so they could visit. Kiko checked Janet’s toe nails and decided they could use a trim so Janet sat and had another pampering session full of smiles and a few laughs. I think I’m going to have to get Janet a Spa membership one day. Kiko even got to hear Janet’s loud voice a few times tonight. We were talking about voices near the end of the visit and I showed Kiko and Janet Amanda Brown’s performance of Dream On from The Voice Monday night. Janet enjoyed it enough to put her in the mood for a little talking practice after Kiko said goodbye. She did her vocal warms ups fine and impressed me by singing the ABC Song as I played it on the iPad. She was mostly in a loud whisper but she was singing. Cool.

Janet wanted to watch some more videos so we did and after the second one she said “no more” and closed her eyes. I got her ready for bed and said goodnight to a happy and beautiful Janet. I really enjoyed this afternoon and evening with her, she seemed really with it and for her to be that awake and sit through a manicure and a pedicure without squirming is pretty cool. I am blessed.

Praying for continued healing for Janet and for an exciting day tomorrow.

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