When I arrived this morning Janet was in the last stages of getting dressed and seemed much more awake than yesterday as she gave me a smile as soon as she saw me. I got her up on the edge of the bed and stretched her ankles a bit before heading off to breakfast. We sat with Luella, Jeanette, Sharon, Cora and Leo arrived a little later. This is a good group for Janet and she seemed quite comfortable. Luella sits on Janet’s left side and always tries to talk to her. She gets some smiles but no talking yet. Leo gets the biggest smiles as he is a very bright and happy eighty five year old. Janet ate all but a teaspoon of her yogurt this morning and a little apple sauce but was not interested in the thickened milk or the Ensure.

Back in her room for a stretch, I started with her sitting on the edge of the bed and worked her right shoulder and arm. It didn’t take long for me to get it into that nice position beside her and I noticed it was much looser than yesterday. We didn’t have much time to work on her legs as Janet needed to be changed. This is a good thing as it had been about five days since her last movement. Relief. Her legs were tighter than I expected so we’ll work hard on them this afternoon.

Janet drove Bam Bam style to the gym and had a random meltdown outside the nurses station. I’ve no idea what it was about so after a couple minutes I told her to get going again and she did. When she uses her foot and hand it is amazing how fast she can go and as long as she is paying attention she can steer well too. I don’t recall Wilma or Betty ever driving in the Flintstones so I think the next level will be Barney and Janet is close.

Moira wanted to take advantage of the Botox and work Janet’s arm today and she had her grade nine daughter Emma shadowing her. Janet seemed pleased about that. I said goodbye, then Janet started crying as if she wanted me to stay so I did and I’m glad I did as it was interesting to see the improvements in Janet’s ability to follow commands and how much more aware she is of how her body works and what she is capable of doing. Moira and I were discussing her vision challenges, Moira thinks she sees double and I took Dr. McCann’s theory in that parts of her field of vision are missing. We both agreed that Janet misses to the left when reaching for things. Janet proved us wrong by reaching out and grabbing Moira’s thumb from a number of different locations suggesting there’s nothing wrong with her vision at all. Who knows. Jessica joined in for most of the session as she is trying to tweak Janet’s old splint to fit her better now. Its not going to work so Jessica will start making a brand new one soon. Janet did some impressive moves reaching with her left arm and turning her head and impressed everyone by lifting her right leg when sitting in the wheelchair so the footrest could be adjusted. That’s a first.

I took Janet down to Speech and left her with Connie. She was OK for me to leave then and feeling pretty confident I think. Emma was going to join Connie so she could see what she does and hear Janet talk.

Looking forward to a fun afternoon.

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