Janet was still in the process of getting up when I arrived this morning and although she was sitting up she was not totally awake. The nurses were going to put her in the Arjo to get to the wheelchair but I told them not to bother as I would do a little ankle stretching with Janet first then lift her in myself.

The dining area was pretty hectic during breakfast and for the most part Janet enjoyed watching all the activity. It took a long time for her breakfast to arrive and she was not very chatty while we waited but she was pleasant to her table mates. Janet mostly helped herself to the yogurt and pureed fruit this morning and wanted nothing to do with the Ensure or the milk. I would have to agree with her.

Back in the room for stretching she was clearly more awake and I started to get a little chatter going from her. I reminded her she said today was going to be exciting and asked what would make it so and she started crying. I could not discern what she was crying about so we got on with the stretching and she stopped crying. There was no real change with her today as far as flexibility goes and she didn’t want to try standing at all so I got her back into the wheelchair and we headed for the gym.

Knowing Moira would be late because of Rounds I had Janet lift some weights. Eight, nine and ten pounds, ten reps each with her counting in a whisper each rep. Nice. We played catch with an eight inch ball after that and Janet really enjoyed that, even catching off of a bounce. Moira arrived and was giving Janet choices on what to do this morning, she chose to work on the mat. Rob stopped by as they were talking and offered Janet a two pound weight as it kind of matched her nail polish, she looked at him like “are you crazy?” He then suggested he could give her the ten pound one as it is black like her pants. Moira said she’s already done it and Janet looked at Rob with a huge sassy smile and gave him a left shoulder shrug that clearly said “Yes I did you fool”. Moira was howling with laughter and Janet was laughing too. Rob said “I guess I’ve been told”. Ever since Janet made the tomorrow will be exciting comment I wondered how that would play out. Seeing her dish out some attitude like that was pretty exciting.

Looking forward to an afternoon of learning.

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