Janet was in her bed snoozing when I returned this afternoon but wanted to get up as soon as I got changed. Moira arrived a few minutes later to help get Janet to an appointment with Sabina. She is a Physio Therapist that specializes in shoulders, arms and hands in relation to brain injuries. We had a few minutes so I asked Janet to try standing a few times with Moira watching. We learned some improvements to the technique and despite Janet’s drowsiness Moira was still impressed by her motivation and ability. I let the two of them head off to the appointment as I wanted to talk to Jessica about Janet’s splint. Turned out Jessica had planned on attending Sabina’s session with Janet so we went together.

Sabina had Janet sitting on the edge of a table mat and was working on her right shoulder when we arrived. Janet looked relaxed and focused and participated well throughout the session. Sabina worked her way down to Janet’s bicep then elbow then wrist and hand. By the time she was done Janet was sitting with both arms at each side and both hands open with palms down and fingers over the edge of the mat. Janet has not been able to get her right arm into that position for weeks if not months and it was truly exciting to see. There is no magic involved here as Sabina credits the Botox starting to kick in as well as her expertise in knowing what muscles to manipulate and how to move the various joints without causing pain. One really interesting point she made was that arms should be worked on from a sitting position as that is way more comfortable and allows for greater range. I was treating Janet laying down as I had been taught back when she couldn’t sit up. Not that that hurt Janet it just wasn’t the best way. Jessica agreed that the splint is causing Janet’s hand to clench more than before and we don’t want that so she took it away. Tomorrow she will try the old splint on Janet and see if some modifications can be made to it to serve as wrist support without causing hand clenching. Sabina, Moira and Jessica were impressed by the results from this little workout including Janet’s increased awareness of her right side. Exciting.

I had Janet drive Bam Bam style back to her room but she got tired and a little frustrated half way there and since she had had another busy day I drove the rest of the way. We then Skyped Mary/Gaga and had a smiley and chatty call with her and Keith. Janet was really excited to see and hear her mom and tried really hard to use her loud voice to say stuff but I had to interpret most of the time. It is also hard with the delay on Skype as Janet will be talking but you won’t see or hear the attempt on the other end for about two seconds. That’s a long time when two women are talking. I’m sure it will get better with practice.

Next up was a quick leg stretch before dinner and during that time Janet’s nurse, Carol, came in to confirm Dr. McCann had ordered a muscle relaxer for Janet at night time. We had discussed this previously and held off because one side effect is drowsiness and nobody wants to make Janet drowsy but the feeling now is something needs to be done about the increased tone in her legs and this is the best first step. Carol assured me that when given at bedtime this drug should be out of Janet’s system before breakfast. The hoped for result is less inclination to bend her legs up when in bed. Here’s hoping.

Dinner was uneventful but Janet helped herself more than before with me so that is good. Back in her room she was eyes closed as soon as I plugged her tube feed in and laid on the bed with her. She actually fell totally asleep this time for about a half hour. Of course waking up after I had got changed to leave. She wasn’t fully awake though and gave me permission to leave and smiled then closed her eyes again as I waved goodbye from the door.

Praying for a restful and healing night and for a good reaction to the muscle relaxing drug.

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