I’m a Bigger Girl Now

The music was blasting away in Janet’s room this morning when I arrived but she wasn’t there. I headed out to the dining area assuming she was waiting for breakfast. It took me a while to find her, she was sitting at a table with Nick and Gary but facing the wrong way and looking out the window crying. I couldn’t understand what she was saying when I asked her why she was crying but she calmed down pretty quick so I got her up to the table and breakfast arrived. She ate about half the yogurt and only a couple spoons full of pureed pear. We headed back to her room and I asked again why she was crying earlier. She said “nobody was paying attention to me”. I didn’t tell her it may have been because she was facing the wrong way. I just reminded her that Nick and Gary are both nice guys and she’s always one of the last to get her breakfast because it’s all cold. No more tears.

We started stretching and I managed to get her right arm fully extended with her hand open and she even let me raise it up a little bit. First time since Botox. The legs were super tight but I got the right one to a reasonable place and the left one I didn’t want to go to hard at. I thought it would be better just to get to Physio. I did have Janet try standing from the edge of the bed again and just before she did she looked at me kinda worried and said “maybe I need to go to the bathroom”. That was pretty exciting to hear so I rang for a nurse and helped get her into the Arjo and off to the toilet she went. She did not go but the fact she asked to is big. High five.

Because of the toilet episode we were a little late for Physio but I had told Moira so she was fine and had the Tilt Table all ready for Janet. I demonstrated the standing technique that I used on Janet yesterday and Moira agreed it was good for her as she gets more weight through her legs. Janet was very comfortable on the table and “stood” at ninety degrees for a good twenty minutes. Moira had her scanning the little table in front her and picking up objects from it to hand to her. This proved Janet can see despite what she said the other day. Moira wanted to get Janet on the elliptical bike but it was time to head for Speech so she invited Janet to come back after Speech to do that.

Connie started Janet on some oral motor exercises which Janet did very well at. Lots of different tongue and lip movements that Janet picked up on right away. She did well at pointing to different body parts but was getting tired/bored near the end when it was time for vocal exercises. Janet was quite talkative this morning overall and using her loud voice quite a bit.

I wheeled her back to Moira and said goodbye so I could take my car in to put the winter tires on. Janet started to cry and said “I don’t want you to go”. Often that would have prompted me to stay but I know she loves working with Moira and she knew Jessica was coming to get her afterwards and she likes her too so I left telling her that when I get back we’ll try and get out in the sunshine for a walk. She seemed fine with that.

Looking forward to a bright afternoon.


  1. It is great to hear the rehab department – in this case Moira – see that Janet can handle more therapy activity than the basic time slots provide. Larry – Do you recall that right from the start of rehab I thought Moira and Janet looked like a good fit? I’m glad that it has worked out that way. Janet has made so much progress since I was visiting you both a month ago. Please give her a little hug from me and have her give you one back.

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