Janet seemed to be waiting for me as she was trying to get up and go outside as soon as I returned. I let her practice getting up a few times and then stand once. She was extremely chatty but mostly Klingon albeit in a loud voice sometimes.

We enjoyed a nice long walk in the surprisingly warm sunshine spending time at the beach and walking through the neighborhoods south of the hospital. It felt really good to be outside with her and she had a very contented and relaxed look about her the whole time. Back in her room I read Tim’s column to her. This week’s topic was the power of good words and how important it is for us to edify others. Janet agreed and I have been reminded of that many times during this process as it is crucial to Janet’s recovery that every positive, large or small, be recognized and reinforced to her.

I decided to switch things up a little today and stretch her before dinner. For the last while Janet has been rather sleepy after dinner so I thought if we got the workout in beforehand she could relax the rest of the evening. She cooperated and I’m OK with the results.

Dinner was with Theresa and Gail. Janet was not very hungry probably because she ate ALL of her soup at lunch in addition to some yogurt and pureed fruit. She liked those same things tonight, different flavors, but didn’t eat much and got a little upset after a while and I never did understand why. I got her back to her room and into bed and she was happy for me to read some of Anne 2. I laid beside her as I read and she seemed to be following along with me. She even wanted me to read more after I completed a chapter. With two and a half pages to go in that second chapter I noticed she had been eyes closed for a bit and there was no suspense to what I was reading so I did what every parent has done while reading to their kid. I skipped ahead to the last few paragraphs of the chapter. After I had read the first four words, which clearly had no connection with what I had just read, I could feel her eyes pop open and sure enough she was glaring at me. I asked, “what?” I had to ask a few times and wait for the Klingon to subside but eventually she said “you speeded up” then laughed. She busted me and I asked her “you know this book well enough that you could tell I skipped ahead?” She just smiled and raised her eyebrows, which we have come to accept as a form of yes from Janet.

We had a long chat after that with her being quite articulate and asked to sit up on the edge of the bed “just for a little while”. That was a good opportunity to stretch her ankles and after a little bit she laid down again. As I was saying goodnight she said, “it’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow”. I can hardly wait.

Thanking Jesus for every minute I get to spend with my beautiful wife.

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