Wayne and Brenda were visiting Janet when I got back from a quick lunch break. Suzanne reported that Janet ate quite a bit of her lunch especially the yogurt and pureed fruit. Suzanne brought her some beautiful yellow roses that Janet enjoyed smelling and I think they had a nice time together. Wayne had not seen Janet for a few weeks and was impressed with her progress. No loud voice from Janet for anyone today but some decent whispers. Thanks for the visits everyone, it helps a lot.

Cam had requested a Skype call with his mom and Janet was pleased to see and hear him, even asking him “what’s going on with you?” That’s the first time I’ve gotten Janet to ask a question other than how are you. Cool. I know its hard talking to someone when they aren’t talking back to you but Janet really is engaged on these Skype calls and is getting more so. I think as long as we keep them to fifteen minutes maximum they are a huge benefit to her. Case in point. Later on we Skyped Laurel and near the end of that conversation Laurel said “I miss you mom”. Janet whispered back “I miss you too”. Laurel got a little teary when I told her that’s what her mom had said. Laurel pulled herself together quickly and ended the conversation a couple of minutes later and Janet smiled as she said goodbye. After we disconnected Janet’s next move was to turn to me and say “she started to cry”. I confirmed that and then Janet started to cry, which got me crying. After a couple minutes of talking about how much Janet is loved and missed she said “and Heather will too”, and started crying again. These are much better emotional outbursts than previous but are still hard to experience. I do feel this is yet another heightened level of awareness though so in the big picture its good.

After the Cam call I gave Janet a choice of things to do and she chose an inside walk with me driving. Since it is Sunday I honored her request, besides, I had given her a pretty good workout this morning in addition to all the visits she had. I was a little disappointed she didn’t want to go home and watch the Seahawks’ game though. Before the walk she made one of her best attempts at getting up from bed and I had her stand twice as well. She was a little unsure at first but once up she felt pretty good about herself. On our walk we toured the upper floors of the Centennial Building for the first time. Impressive. Janet did take on the challenge of driving the long hallway and did well for a Sunday afternoon. Back in her room before dinner we Skyped Laurel who reminded me that Janet would probably like to watch some NBA highlights now and then so we gave it a shot and she did enjoy them asking to watch more until we had seen five different clips. I can’t tell if OKC is still her team but probably.

At dinner we sat with Theresa and Luellen and Janet ate the yogurt, pureed fruit and tomato/pepper soup. Exciting huh? She was starting to fade rapidly during dinner so I got her to bed and started her tube feed and she was eyes closed immediately. I layed down with her for a while then said goodnight just before six to a sleepy but smiley Janet.

Praying for a night of rest and healing. Especially for her right shoulder and arm and also for increased flexibility for her whole body.

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  1. Ahh, Mom know me, and my penchant for tears, well. Would love to have the chance to skype with Mom more. I can always work from home if I know in advance in order to make it happen!

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