Bam Bam Plus

Janet was sitting at the window in her room looking out at me when I arrived this morning. She said she saw me but I didn’t get much of a reaction. She seemed to be in a pretty good mood as we headed off to breakfast. We sat with Edna and Janet gave her the occasional smile. Breakfast included the usual suspects with only the yogurt and pureed fruit worth repeating.

Janet got a little chatty after breakfast, whispers only, so stretching didn’t start until nine. Good thing it’s Sunday. Her nurse told me Janet complained of some pain in her right hand this morning so they gave her some Tylenol. Her arm and hand stretched out just fine with the fingers being a little hard to pry open but we got there. Her legs were all locked up as usual but after a lot of time and effort I got them to a reasonable place. Janet did a good job of trying to get up from bed and had the most movement I’ve seen from her right leg in a while. Not enough to get it over the edge but close. Janet seemed a little confused about the sitting exercises this morning but I know she is strong and can do them so I didn’t push too hard there. She had one melt down in which she told me she couldn’t see. This concerned me quite a bit so I talked to her a long time about it and kept trying to see if there was any difference in her eye movement. I didn’t notice anything and as far as I can tell she is tracking things and seeing things as normal for her. It could be she is aware enough to say something about it now. I’ll keep an eye on it. No pun intended. We tried standing once with me lifting her from her butt, it is so hard for me to hold her for any serious length of time, I don’t see the benefit. I tried the method where I hold her left elbow and right arm and she pushes up with her legs taking most of the weight and that worked really well with her clearing the bed by four or five inches all three times. I think this is best for her and will confirm with Moira tomorrow.

Time for some wheelchair exercises next and Janet impressed me and a few others this morning. She drove Bam Bam style all the way from her room to the elevator, down the hall and through the cafeteria then over to the Royal Building elevators with me only giving directions the whole way. I did help her through the cafeteria door and away from the wall a couple times but it was a very impressive display. Not ready to elevate her status fully yet but we’ll go Bam Bam Plus. I took her up to 4B and she Bam Bam’d her way through to the nurses station right up to Dr. Jones. He was pleasantly surprised and happy to see her and Janet gave him a big smile and a hand shake (a first). All the other nurses were thrilled to see Janet as well and I could tell she was happy but a little overwhelmed too.

By the time we got back to rehab it was nearly lunch time so we sat with Nick, Leo and Mary and waited. Janet seems to enjoy sitting at tables that have a lively conversation going and this one did. Suzanne surprised us while we were waiting for lunch and kindly agreed to stay and help Janet with her meal after I had gotten her started.

Looking forward to an afternoon full of progress.

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