Working It

It was a nice surprise to walk into Janet’s room this morning and find Emma helping her get dressed. We haven’t seen Emma for a while and she is just so much more attentive than most of the other nurses. She said Janet greeted her this morning and Nicole reported that Houdieno was in action overnight. Apparently the bed alarm went off around eleven and Nicole found Houdieno in a similar position as yesterday afternoon only this time she was crying instead of being cheeky. Janet was a little weepy with Emma earlier too and again just after I got in. She wouldn’t tell us why and settled down pretty quickly.

We went out to the dining area for breakfast and sat with Gail and Lenora who were very pleasant to Janet. She tried some of the same things as last night and only liked the mango yogurt and the pureed fruit. Breakfast has never been Janet’s best meal and she wasn’t totally awake so I didn’t push to hard to stay long or eat more. She tried a little of everything and that’s all we want right now.

Stretching was a challenge this morning as it took forever to get her legs into a reasonable position. Janet wasn’t happy either as she had to work hard with me to get a decent result. I’m OK with where we got to just not at all happy with how long it took and the trend seems to be heading in the wrong direction. The confusing part of it all is Janet seems to be gaining mobility in her left leg but it is getting harder and harder to stretch out. The good news from the marathon stretching routine is that at one point I stepped out to get some water and after I had been back for a few minutes Janet asked me where the water was. She apparently thought I was getting her some so I offered her a teaspoon and she drank three of them. Connie had given her water yesterday for the first time, this was a first for me.

Janet did very well with her sitting exercises and I managed to get her standing a few times, the last time with a pretty good stretch on her legs. The key there I found is to make sure her ankles are well stretched before hand. I can’t hold her for two minutes like I used to partly because of her stiff legs and partly because she is heavier now. Up a half kilo over last month.

I was incredibly impressed with her Bam Bam style driving this morning. She went from her room all the way down to the elevator, did a 180 and came back to her room with only a short pause in the dining area for a rest. All of that was done with me telling her some directions, I never touched the chair. She was working it pretty hard near the end but was determined to finish. Huge high five!

Vocal exercises were lacking a little bit this morning. Janet did well with the basic warm ups but told me she was sick of repeating the words I was giving her. I explained that if she says them loud and clear she never has to repeat them again. She tried some more but just doesn’t seem to have her voice yet today. We headed out for lunch and sat with Leo and Nick. Leo is a very chatty eighty four year old happy guy and Nick is the guy that just kind of laughs and agrees with everything. Janet seemed comfortable sitting with them and correctly answered Leo’s question “what’s your puppy’s name?” The lunch favorites were Cauliflower and Cheese Soup and thickened Apple Juice. We are starting to narrow the list.

I got Janet into bed for her lunch feed and came home briefly for mine. I asked her earlier about coming home for a visit and she said “I’ll think about it.” Looking forward to a fun afternoon.

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