Seven Kids?

Upon my return, Janet decided she wanted to come home for a visit, so after she was changed I got her up and into the car. For once we arrived ahead of schedule and had time to settle in before Skyping Leslie. Nash came out to greet Janet in the car and for the first time there was a mutual exchange of affection as Janet patted him right away and he licked her face. I sat Janet on the couch in family room to avoid having to throw the ball for Nash as it seems that is his only concern whenever I walk in the house now and it drives me nuts. With Janet on the couch he sat beside her right away and luxuriated in her pats.

Our call to Leslie was good with Janet saying a few things loud enough to be heard in Ontario and she gave a big smile to Leslie’s rendition of the Carol Burnett Show’s closing song. Bravo Leslie!

Since Janet can maneuver her wheelchair so well around the hospital I was curious to see how she could manage around the house. The family room and kitchen areas were pretty easy for her as was the hallway to the bedroom but she could not get into the kitchen from the hallway as that entrance is too tight as is the entrance to the main bathroom. She also had a lot of trouble moving her chair on the carpet in the bedroom. If she comes home in a wheelchair there maybe more reno’s needed than just accessibility ones. After that little workout I thought she deserved a treat so I offered her a choice of different flavored Tootsie Rolls. She choose cherry and loved it. We saw Barb and Gary outside as we headed for the car and Janet was truly excited. She used her loud voice for the first time all day saying “It’s nice to see you” and “It’s good to be home”. The most excited I’ve seen her to see anyone has been when we saw Sandrine at the beach and now Barb and Gary on our front walkway. I’m thinking it may be interesting to take Janet to see some of you Kelowna folks sometimes rather than you all coming to her at KGH. When she is out she is much much brighter and the surprise of seeing familiar faces is quite exciting. Thoughts?

We got back to rehab right on time for dinner and Janet chose to go to the dining area. We sat with Theresa but Janet wasn’t too interested in her. The food was not interesting either but she was OK with the Cream of Broccoli Soup and the Pureed Fruit which this time had a lot of peach in it. She had a little melt down twenty minutes in so I took her to her room as I couldn’t hear what she was trying to tell me. Turned out to be something about “Mom and Dad…” She was fine a few minutes later then I got her into bed and plugged into her tube feed and I took off to church.

Janet was very much awake when I got back at seven and was very chatty going on about “seven kids”. I told her we have seven kids and she would not believe me. I showed her the picture of all of us but Ashley and then asked her to name everyone without looking at the picture. She needed help with a few but did pretty good. I’m guessing Emma was in chatting with her while I was away and that’s how she got onto that topic. I read a chapter of Anne 2 to her and a few paragraphs in she started crying. She told me it was sad. It wasn’t. I explained the scene and how happy it sounded, she wasn’t totally convinced and low and behold on the very next page it was sad. I figure she knew what was coming from being familiar with the story. I’ve no other explanation.

I stretched her a little and got her changed for bed. She wasn’t looking all that sleepy but was OK with me saying goodnight. Praying for a fun day tomorrow.


  1. Hey Larry. I’m catching up on a backlog of your updates for the past week. Re briniging Janet to visit – it would be so fun to see her atTrinity if that would bè aloe thing to do. Tuesdays are normally pretty crazy but other than that, we’d all LOVE to visit with her there! Just let us know when And you’re on!

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