Breakfast of Champions

Jessica was working with Janet when I arrived this morning getting her to dress and wash herself as much as possible. Janet was pretty sleepy but gave a reasonable effort. Connie stopped by to confirm the breakfast menu. Janet does not get much of a choice seeing as all her food is pureed so I said bring a little of everything and she can try it all. As soon as Janet was dressed I got her into the wheelchair and out to the dining area. Tom, the Physiotherapist responsible in many ways for getting Janet into rehab was there and stopped us to say hi. I had seen him at the bike rack earlier and mentioned Janet was having her first breakfast so I think he made a point of coming to see her. Janet was still a little groggy but after a minute or so of Tom talking to her she lit right up and gave him a big smile and a “hi Tom”. Good guy.

We had to sit Janet at a table on her own as she was late getting out of her room this morning and that was probably good for the first time as Connie was there as well as Moira and Janet doesn’t like a lot of people staring at her. Her tray came with a vanilla yogurt, mango yogurt, porridge, thickened coffee flavored Ensure, thickened apple juice and thickened lemon water. The two yogurts and the apple juice seemed ok with a slight edge going to the vanilla yogurt. The porridge was a definite no go and the lemon water got no reaction at all. The coffee Ensure was maybe worth one more try on another day. She swallowed well and Connie had her vocalizing from time to time to make sure her throat was clearing. All went well from that perspective. I asked nursing to keep with our current practice for lunch. Janet will be put to bed for a rest after her therapy sessions, plugged in for her tube feed and the nurses will give her little bits of everything that comes on her lunch tray which I’m told today will include some thickened vegetable soup. Dinner we will do in the dining area along with her tube feed and on the days when Jessica is not helping Janet get up in the morning the nurses will get her out to the dining area in time for breakfast.

With eating complete we headed back to her room so I could stretch her before physio. Her splint seems to be holding her wrist in a nice position but I found when I went to straighten her forearm it no longer rotates like it does without the splint and that caused some pain in Janet’s right shoulder. She was very good about telling me where it hurt and what made it feel better. I asked her if it was better to push up or down on it and she said down. I did and she said it was better. High five for good communication. From now on the splint will be off for stretching. I hurt her again though as I was pushing down on her left knee and thinking about the rest of the day I pushed too hard and she started crying. That time it was a silent cry and I told her she could have used her loud voice and I would have noticed sooner.

I got her down to the gym and told Moira about the arm, shoulder and leg. She was going to stand Janet up using the ceiling lift and sling at the parallel bars. Janet seemed excited. On my way out I mentioned the arm and shoulder thing to Jessica so that she knows pushing down on Janet’s shoulder brought relief.

Praying for continued progress today and thanking Jesus for all the good people caring for Janet.

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