Clean Up

My greeting this morning was underwhelming as I got kind of a half smile and a turn away of the head. When I arrived Janet was still on the shower chair getting dried off and dressed. She was cold so maybe that was why I got the lame greeting.

I let her warm up in bed before starting stretching and she seemed pretty sleepy and out of it but I started anyways. The right arm seems to be looser still, not enough to try the shoulder yet though. I was quite concerned about her legs this morning but in the end they straightened out surprisingly well. Moira stopped by to say she was going to do most of today’s session in Janet’s room. She had talked to the nurses and Jessica about Janet’s negative experience on the commode yesterday and wanted to try a machine that will allow Janet to stand and be moved into the bathroom to sit on the toilet. I thought it was worth a try as Janet loves to stand. Not sure about sitting on the toilet but it’s probably better than in the middle of the room on a commode. Connie dropped by as well and she got a nice smile from Janet and lots of loud voice responding. She reminded Janet of the swallowing X-ray this afternoon and seems rather excited about it.

I invited Janet to get up out of bed and the first attempt was to the right side and that hurt her shoulder so back to the left she went. Once up, she did a good job brushing her teeth and was clearly starting wake up more.

Janet sure relates well to all her therapists and was all set to go when Moira and Jessica arrived to try the standing machine to get her into the bathroom. I’m really glad she likes working with them and because of that I left the three of them to do their thing despite me really wanting to see Janet stand in this contraption. I got a nice smile and a kiss as I said goodbye.

Praying for a successful swallow X-ray and an active afternoon.

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