Happy Halloween

I got a much nicer greeting from a very chatty Janet this afternoon. She told me the ABC’s and the seasons of the year without being asked and in her loud voice. In fact she was using her loud voice so much I recorded her wishing you all a Happy Halloween. Janet. Happy Halloween

Janet chose to go for an inside walk as our first activity and after making her best attempt at getting up from her bed we set off with her driving Bam Bam style. I was amazed at how well she did going from her room, turning left, past the nurses station and almost to the next hallway without any assistance from me, not even steering. All I did was remind her when she had to turn or straighten out. Huge high five! Once clear of the elevator she drove with her left arm down to the cafeteria then I took over as we headed for the Centennial Building lobby. No room to sit so we headed back with Janet driving the long hallway. We still haven’t conquered The Bump and I invited her to try it Bam Bam style but no go. Some other time I hope.

Back in rehab we had time to visit Jessica so I could talk to her about Janet’s legs. She will talk to the other OT’s about any apparatus or ideas for helping diminish the tone. We saw Chantelle while we were there and Janet said a nice Happy Halloween to her. We cruised over to the gym to see Moira who said Janet did well in their session this morning. She and Jessica will talk about Janet’s legs tomorrow. It was then time for Janet’s first attempt at toileting in five and a half months. She did not like it one little bit. I didn’t think she would but she was a little better once we removed the sling and got the lift out of the way. I think it’s important to keep trying for a while as she did tell me she doesn’t like wearing the undergarments that she has to wear now.

I put her back to bed after the commode experience and she cheered up right away and chose to practice talking. She did her best yet with me and I stopped when I noticed her slowing down and thinking each phrase out a little more. I want to make sure this stays fun and not work. Today was the most I’ve heard her loud voice by far. There was one last phrase I wanted to hear out loud and that was trick or treat. She said it with great enthusiasm as she knew I had brought her some Tootsie Rolls. Her favorite Halloween treat. I checked with Nicole from Speech earlier to make sure I could give Janet some (in a chew bag) and she thought that was a great idea. Janet made quick work of her Tootsie Roll and had a real smile on her face throughout. I didn’t time her swallows but they seemed much faster than previous and there was no funny face in reaction to the flavor at all. She enjoyed that treat so much I actually got a little choked up watching her.

It was getting near time for me to leave so I could hand out Halloween candy at home so I gave Janet a decent stretch, and then we read The Hallo Wiener. Love that book. She seemed to understand I had to go and was getting a little tired anyways as she did not nap all day.

Praying for a restful night that brings healing to her legs and right shoulder and for a successful swallowing X-ray tomorrow.


  1. Greatest Halloween greeting I’ve heard. Happy Halloween, Mom! Hope that tootsie roll wasn’t fun-sized… 🙂

  2. So happy to hear Janet’s voice and progress!! Thanks so much for the daily updates. I’m working hard at getting over my cold so I can visit with her soon. Sending you our love.

  3. Thank you for the Halloween wishes Janet. I wish you the same. Keep up the great work you’re doing your recovery is coming along so nicely. Love to both of you.

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