Color Wizard

Janet gave me a smile then a “what are you doing here?” look which I didn’t think was very nice. She tried telling me something very important and she was using her loud voice but it was a mix of Klingon and word salad. Nicole came in with Janet’s meds and said that Carol charted something that Janet said to her at 5am when Janet woke up. She couldn’t remember what it was but that’s cool it got charted.

The morning stretch began after Janet brushed her teeth. Her right arm continues to loosen slowly and we got a good stretch from it. Her legs were super tight again at the start and I was worried they would be worse than yesterday but by the end of the routine the result was about the same. At one point I was massaging under Janet’s upper left leg and she told me it hurts. Not crying hurts but a little frown and a loud whisper. I didn’t feel anything unusual but things are pretty tight there.

I invited Janet to get up from bed herself and she seemed to want to but just couldn’t put all the moves together this morning so I coached her through it and sat her up. I still love how she seems instantly happy when she sits up. Time was ticking so into the wheelchair she went and I got her ready for Halloween. In Janet’s preschool teaching days she used to play a character she called The Color Wizard and she would sing and act out lessons on color for the kids. She was really good at it and the kids loved it and I tried to convince her to market herself as a TV show but no go. I found some of the costume she used and dressed her in it this morning. She seemed to really enjoy it especially when she got to the gym and all the staff were dressed as inmates and they all thought Janet looked really cute.

This is Moira the inmate and Janet The Color Wizard.

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween.

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