Pump Up the Volume

I walked in on a sleepy Janet this afternoon, I guess Heidi had her busy during her visit, but despite the heavy eyes Janet said she did not want to sleep. She needed to be changed before we could do anything though and I talked to Nicole about finding a more effective way of capturing the liquid Janet produces. I suggested the pediatric ward as Janet is pretty small. Nicole said she’d ask around and agreed it would be nice to find something that fits better. I mentioned Dr. McCann’s toilet training program idea and Nicole said they will start it with Janet tomorrow. Yea.

Janet was quite chatty before and after getting changed and couldn’t wait to get up and really wanted to stand once she did. I’m reluctant to try much standing with her legs not straightening as much as I’d like and it was time for the Skype debut of Mary/Gaga anyways, so into the wheelchair she went. Once Keith adjusted the webcam for Mary/Gaga we had a very nice image of her coming through and Janet was excited to talk to her mom. She couldn’t get the loud voice going too well but managed a couple loud whispers and some big smiles. I must say the picture quality from Mary and Keith’s is the best I’ve seen. Don’t know what’s wrong with the rest of y’all but you better step it up.

We went on a hunt for Janet’s left foot rest after the call with Mary/Gaga and Jessica found it in one of their storage areas. She had taken it off in the hallway as Janet was doing some Bam Bam driving during OT. We then went outside for a nice walk. I should not have let Janet out in the pants she had on though as she got cold enough to complain to me at the end of our walk and said she was too cold to drive down the long hallway. It was nothing a nice warm blanket couldn’t solve though. Wish you could’ve seen the smile when I wrapped her in it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading, watching a video and chatting and trying to get the loud voice going. Just as dinner was about to end we heard a bunch of people walk into the unit and start some Halloween celebrations in the dining area. Janet had like five minutes of dinner left but by the time that was done and I got her out there, the costumed singers were walking away down the hall. Janet wasn’t disappointed though as she got a sudden burst of energy so I had her drive around the unit for fifteen minutes. She was super chatty and using her loud voice a lot. Most of it was Klingon but it was by far the longest spontaneous use of her loud voice that I’ve heard. Very exciting. Nicole mentioned she had asked around for smaller undergarments and apparently some do exist but none of the other wards have any right now. She`ll keep an eye out. Finally Janet was ready for bed but stretching had to be done first. I had to tell her I’m still not happy with the legs as I spent a good fifteen minutes on them and did not get the result I’m used to getting. She seems to understand but without even thinking brings the left one up to a point within minutes of me letting go. Not happy.

Praying for a night of keeping the legs straight and for some good stretching tomorrow.


  1. Good morning Larry. Try using a large piece of high density foam and put it between Janets heels and her bottom. This keeps their legs straight throughout the night unless she does a lot of moving around. It worked well for us in the lodge that I worked at. Hope this helps.

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