Pump It Up

A great start to the day! Janet greeted me with a smile and a hug. She noticed I had shaved that’s why the hug. She was a little groggy still as I had come in earlier than usual wanting to spend more time stretching. We had a nice little chat before I got her up to brush her teeth. She didn’t like doing that this morning for some reason but struggled through it. Connie came in and did some vocal exercises with her. Janet talked nice a loud a few times and seemed pleased with herself. I asked Connie about Janet repeating things even when not asked to. She said she has noticed that over the last week or so as well and suggests giving Janet “choice questions” instead of open ended ones. An example would be, “What color is my shirt, red or blue?”. We tried that a couple times and it worked. Connie says to only offer open ended questions when Janet is at her brightest.

The stretching of her right arm went well. I get a sense that the Botox is starting to kick in. Janet’s legs meanwhile are starting to be of concern to me. Both were quite tight this morning. I made good progress with them but it took all of the extra time I had allotted plus a little bit of Moira being late coming out of Rounds as well. I asked her how concerned I should be and did not get a direct answer but Moira is aware and will plan her sessions with Janet with that in mind. She said it would be nice to get her on her tummy again but we are both concerned about her right shoulder so will wait for the Botox to have more of an effect. Janet had quite a case of bed head this morning so while Moira was visiting she wet Janet’s hair and styled it up a bit. Nice that she cares that much.

Janet wheeled her way down to the gym then did ten reps each of five through ten pound weights. She thought the five, six and seven pounders were silly so we will avoid those next time. She actually had to work a bit to get the ten pounds done so that was good. Moira came over as we were playing catch with an eight inch ball. Janet was catching and throwing it amazingly well. Connie must have talked about the “choice questions” in Rounds as Moira offered Janet a written choice of Tilt Table, Step Machine or Mat. Janet chose Step Machine with a loud voice and off they went.

Praying for a progressive day full of learning.


  1. Larry you were asking before what weights they have available at The Women’s Place – they have various kinds but in one of the areas they store weights, they have them starting at 3 lbs. Then 5 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs, 12 lbs and I think 15 lbs and 20 lbs although I don’t play with those heavy suckers. FYI. I do 8 and 10 – those seem to be the most common and most available

    1. Thanks Kiko. My question was how heavy a weight was Janet using. I leaned today that ten was work for her so that’s cool.

  2. So I guess it would help if I read and understood correctly what you were saying, before I reply with an answer you didn’t need?? *Embarrassed face
    I’m such a doofus! LOL…
    On a good note, we are praying for a restful night for all and for God to pour his love and healing onto Janet and strength for you Larry, and family.

    Sending you our love.


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