Repeat After Me

When I got back to Janet’s room this afternoon I tried my best to rush her out the door to take advantage of the sunny break that was happening. She doesn’t move that fast though and I wanted to let her do as much of the getting ready as possible. I did a quick limbering up of her legs then invited her to get up from bed. Her first attempt failed then I coached her through another that had much better success with me helping the right leg the last little bit. A high five was in order as she sat up then into the wheelchair, shoes on, jacket on and out we went. Of course by this time it had mostly clouded over again but it was still nice to be out and Janet assured me she was warm enough. To stay that way we avoided the beach and headed south, away from the darkness to the north but it caught up to us twenty minutes later and we had to head for cover. We sat in the Centennial Building lobby for a lot longer than I thought we would as Janet was really enjoying watching all the people go by. It was quite busy and there was every size and shape and color of person walking and wheeling and hobbling by. It was quite interesting. I asked her a couple of times if she was ready to move on and she shook her head no and then would track someone else’s movement. Fun to watch them and her.

On the way back to rehab I asked her to try her Bam Bam driving, but the hallway was too busy and I think she was nervous about that so we went to a quieter one and she did well. She wasn’t totally into it as I guess it was a little late for that much work. Back in her room we Skyped Andrew and I couldn’t get her to do more than a whisper for him despite having done some vocal exercises in preparation. She seemed to enjoy looking at herself on the screen more than anything else, which is rather unlike Janet. Anyways it was good to chat with Andrew.

I tried to get some more loud voice going with Janet after that and didn’t have much success. I have noticed something over the last couple of days though. Now that she uses her loud voice more and her whispers are louder I can hear that a lot of what she says is a repeat of something I’ve just said even though I didn’t ask her to say it. A few times I’ve leaned in to try and decipher what she is trying so hard to say and I pick out what I said a few minutes ago when I thought she was coming up with something original. I’m going to ask Connie about that tomorrow.

During the last half of dinner I read some of Anne 2 to her. First time in a while and it was nice to get back into it. She was luke warm to the idea at first but once I started reading she was dialed right in. Janet only had a few very short crying episodes this afternoon and two were pain related. One for her right shoulder and one for her left knee. The frustration one was really minimal and stopped when I completely changed the subject of our conversation and had her getting ready to brush her teeth. She was a little restless in getting ready for bed but once tucked in and we said our prayer she rolled onto her side with her legs bent up and all I could do was shake my head and smile as she closed her eyes. I’ll talk to Moira about the legs tomorrow.

Praying Janet moves her legs around lots tonight and is ready for a great day tomorrow.

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