Bam Bam

For a rainy Monday morning I got a pretty nice greeting from Janet. A smile and a hug. We had a little chat then I told her what she had scheduled for the day and that’s when the tears started. Not as intense as yesterday and she did manage to whisper through it a number of times, “what’s happening about getting up?” Not sure what she was concerned about but she stopped crying after a couple of minutes and we started stretching. Her right arm seemed pretty good today and just as I was starting her legs her nurse came in with her meds and I asked that Janet be freshened up before we headed off to Physio. While laying there getting cleaned up she started crying again, this time showing me that her right shoulder hurt. I told her that should start to go away in the next couple of days and she calmed down with that. Her legs were super tight this morning so I am thankful I had time to spend stretching them before we had to leave. I got a decent result but I warned her again about keeping them curled up so much. Connie stopped by again to kick start Janet’s voice. So fun to be able to hear Janet from ten feet away instead of needing to be ten millimeters.

Janet was all gung ho to get up but we were running out of time so I helped her and once up you could see the increased brightness. I had Janet drive to Physio and we met Moira right by the nurses station. She was impressed with Janet’s determined driving and asked if she had propelled with her left leg at all. Of course she has so it was time to show off a little. Janet used her leg and arm to gain record speed and control of her wheelchair all the way to the gym. I had to help her when she drifted too far to the left but she corrected from the right by using her left foot. I also helped with the sharp right turns along the way but I think she did well enough to be elevated from Pebbles to Bam Bam status on the Flintstones driving scale. High five! I left Janet with Moira and she was her usual happy self in the gym.

This morning I met with Gordon and Gord at CedarCreek and submitted my resignation. This was by far one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make mostly because I could not discuss it with Janet. It is because of my love and commitment to her that I chose to resign. I truly feel that as long as she is in recovery mode I need and want to be there for her doing whatever I can to give her the best chance at recovery. CedarCreek has been supportive of any family event I’ve needed or wanted to attend to since I started working for them. They have been very patient and supportive since Janet’s hospitalization I thank them sincerely for that and encourage you all to buy their wine. Seriously. It’s good. Thank you also to those of you who took time to help me with this decision. Being able to bounce different scenarios off of “neutral parties” helped for sure.

Thanking Jesus for His guidance and looking forward to a bright afternoon.

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