Janet must have known it is Sunday, a day of rest, as she snoozed until 9:30 this morning. I took a slow approach to starting her day so we had a nice chat (me talking) then I got her to brush her teeth which she did with great enthusiasm. Then the dreaded stretching. When I came in this morning she was curled up pretty tight and so she was difficult to stretch. I got a good result from the right arm but pushed my luck with her wrist (made her cry). The legs were ok considering how she slept but I warned her again to keep changing position as much as possible so it is easier to stand and eventually walk.

When asked what she wanted to do this morning Janet didn’t seem to really care. We started by Skyping Laurel and Raj, caught them just before they headed out for a run in the snow. Crazy newlyweds. Janet brightened up as soon as the call was placed and whispered a few things to them. She was in a much better mood after that so I took advantage to do some vocal exercises with her. She did amazingly well and that kick started her loud voice. Should have done them before the Skype call. We ran through a whole battery of tests Connie had given me and Janet was loud and clear all the way, even when she complained, “this isn’t working well”. It was.

Tired of “vocal school” we just had time for a quick inside walk before lunch and Janet asked that I drive. We had a nice walk around as I asked her to name things along the way and to read some of the signs. A mixed response to those questions.

In bed for lunch and nodding off again by 12:15. Hoping she has some energy for the afternoon.

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