Janet seemed a little mad when I arrived this morning as she mumbled something in Klingon to me. I avoided asking her how she’s doing etc. and focused on what today had in store for us. That tactic seemed to work and we started the stretching routine after a decent chat with only a short crying session. The stretching went really well, I took my time as we didn’t have to rush off to any appointments and I was able to hold some of the stretches a lot longer and explain to Janet why we are doing this. I’m hoping she’s starting to get it.

In trying to keep a similar schedule to weekdays I kept going with a PT theme after stretching. I invited her to try and get out of bed and she couldn’t wait to try as she had her upper body up in what seemed like a split second. She had trouble figuring out what to do with her legs then got tired so had to lay down and reset. The next attempt was stronger but not close enough for me to step in for the final bit so down she went again. Third time she managed to get her left leg over the edge and I helped with the right. Sitting up she was like a new person. The eyes got brighter and she started whispering/talking to me. I suggested we do some sitting exercises and reminded her she had just gotten up from the left side so let’s try the right. She took a long look at the right side then turned left and started climbing onto the bed. She had her left leg up and was moving her butt to gain more traction for the right leg. She wouldn’t tell me what she was trying to do and I figured this was a good workout so I’ll let her keep going. After a long time she managed to get close enough to her pillow, picked it up, turned herself to sit square on the edge again, placed the pillow on the bed to her right and proceeded to lay down on the bed with her head where her feet would normally be. She had a huge smile on her face, lifted her left arm to wrap it around me and gave me a big hug. She was very proud of herself and I’ve no idea why. After the hug and a few seconds to catch her breath she tried getting back to a sitting position. I had to help her a little but she got back up and was like, ok, what’s next? I helped her stand a few times and explained to her how it would be easier if her legs were straight and she can help that by keeping them straighter in bed. She didn’t argue.

PT was over so it was time for some Speech. I got her into the wheelchair and up to the workstation. She had been using her loud voice a fair bit once she was sitting, including looking over at the iPad and telling me “we see someone on there”. I asked “where, the iPhone or iPad?”, she said “iPad”. I asked her who did we see, she said “Andrew”. Nice. We started with the E exercises and she did really well. Best she’s done for me. The other vocal exercises did not go well as she started crying so I stopped those and took her for a walk. Once out in the KGH hallways I had her try a little Flintstones action and she amazed me at how well she can propel the wheelchair with her left leg. Probably went twenty meters fairly straight before tiring. High five! I had her try with both legs but no go there. I think she can eventually get to full Flintstones mode one day.

Back in her room we played catch with the mini basketball and actually passed it to each other ten times before dropping it. High five! I got her into her new bed ( with a built in alarm) and plugged in for lunch then headed out for mine.

Looking forward to our Skyping sessions and more this afternoon.

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