Fireside Chat

Suzanne was visiting Janet when I returned this afternoon. They were having a little spa session as Janet’s fingernails did need a fresh coat of paint. Janet was all smiles and was admiring the purple. She is definitely enjoying the visits from everyone lately, keep it going please. Janet was in need of a change though as that hadn’t been done since early this morning and we had a Skype date with Cam set up so we had to say so long to Suzanne until next week.

With a nice clean Janet and a late Cam I decided to rush Janet home for the afternoon thinking we would get there in time to keep our Skype commitments. We did and I set Janet up beside the fire so she could enjoy her chats with Cam and then Leslie. Cam had technical difficulties so we only saw freeze frames of him and heard the odd bit of sound. We’ll try again tomorrow. Leslie of course came in loud and clear, and so did Janet a few times for that matter. Janet was tuned in right off the bat but only started smiling after Leslie got some light on her face so Janet could see her. It was all smiles after that. We had a little time left before we needed to head back for dinner so I put Janet on the couch so she could hang with Nash for a bit. He jumped right up with her and lavished in her pats for fifteen minutes. That was plenty long enough for both of them and Janet started to try and stand up. I couldn’t do our usual stand up routine here because the floor is too hard so I tried holding her arms so she could push with them as well as her legs and she cleared her butt off the couch by a couple inches one time. Impressive. I was interested to see how Janet could move about the house in her wheelchair so I got her into it and removed the left foot rest. She Pebbles Flintstone’d around amazingly well and didn’t even hesitate to start exploring. She seems to crave mobility. She circumnavigated the kitchen then made it down the hall to the bedroom and we had a little chat there before we had to go. Nothing mushy this time but a really nice few minutes where I actually understood some of what she was saying and she just seemed really really happy.

We made it back to rehab right at five which is when I said we’d be back and I wanted to be on time so I don’t lose the privilege of taking Janet out like that. Thinking of a trip to Sandrine’s soon and maybe even a wheel around the mall (help me) for something different to do. I plugged her in for dinner then said goodbye as I headed off to church. Janet was in a really good mood which made it hard to leave her. Courtney and I arrived after church at seven and Janet surprisingly was still pretty awake. She gave Courtney a nice smile and a “hello Courtney”, even remembering her name. Janet wanted to sit up really bad so I helped her and as soon as she was up the tears started flowing. We couldn’t figure out why but she was frustrated about something. The smiles returned after a while and it ended up being a nice little visit. I then got her ready for bed and said goodnight as Courtney and I headed out for her birthday dinner. Janet was still smiling as we left.

Praying for a restful and healing night and thanking Jesus for blessing me with such a beautiful bride.

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