Early Finish

No Houdieno action while I was away this time and Janet was looking pretty comfy in her bed when I got back. The nurses had installed a bed alarm that in theory will warn them when Houdieno gets too close to escaping. After a chat and a little stretch I invited them in to see if the alarm works. Janet started her moves towards getting out but did not have the energy to complete them so I helped with her legs. When she was sitting on the edge of the bed there had still not been an alarm. Good thing we tested it. Apparently the mattress she has requires the sensor to be on top instead of underneath like it was for our test. An adjustment will be made and it’ll be interesting to see if Houdieno sets it off tonight. I say yes.

With Janet up and in her wheelchair we were having a little chat trying to decide on how to spend the rest of the day when Connie dropped by again. She asked Janet to say a bunch of things which she did very well. She really is a teacher’s pet. Connie seems so excited about Janet’s progress it’s like she has to prove to me each day what a good job she’s done. Doesn’t look good for Music Therapy Guy if this keeps up. Connie informed us that the swallow X-ray will happen Thursday at 1pm. Should be fun.

It was then time for the weekly call to Mary/Gaga and Janet insisted on holding the phone and smiled brightly when she heard her mom’s voice. She tried to say hello mom out loud, I heard it, not sure if it made it all the way to Collingwood but a few words did later on in the conversation including one very long sentence that included …”we are very far away…”. Janet was the most tuned in I’ve seen her and smiled the whole time. Mary/Gaga is threatening to get set up with Skype so if that happens Janet will be able to see her mom as well as hear her. I can totally see the positive impact these calls are having. Cam and Leslie are up tomorrow.

After all that talking I decided Janet needed to move around a bit and told her we were going on an inside walk, she told me I was driving first though. I went fairly slowly as Janet really does seem to be taking more in as she travels around. We chatted with a few different folks along the way and Janet had smiles for all and some quiet hi’s and bye’s. Once we made the turn in the Centennial Building lobby it was Janet’s turn to drive. No speed records today but I think it was her best attempt at The Bump. Next time I’m going to let go and see if she can make it totally on her own. She’s close now.

As we entered the last hallway before rehab, Janet had had enough. She stopped driving and started crying. No explanation just a nod of the head when asked if she wanted to go back to her room and another one when asked if she wanted to lay down in bed. After relaxing for a few minutes she started crying again saying “it hurts so much”. She wouldn’t tell me or show me what hurt so I just cuddled up to her for a while and she closed her eyes and relaxed. By six o’clock I had her changed with teeth brushed and everything else done for bedtime. She was content and smiling and kinda dozy so I said goodnight.

Praying for a restful night of healing and a positive day of learning and activity tomorrow.

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