Dumb Phone

I walked in on a rather sleepy Janet this morning and noticed she had the funny padded hospital pants on instead of the ones I left out for her. She didn’t tell me why and was not very talkative at all. I told her about my night and what was planned for today and wasn’t getting much reaction at all. I started reminding her how well she talked yesterday and how much I’d like to hear her voice. I asked her her name so I could hear her talk and she started crying. She wouldn’t tell me why and rolled away from me towards the right side of the bed. I played a little tough love with her and said “I’m just going to start stretching you if you’re going to turn away from me”. I went around to the right side of the bed and started positioning it for stretching and she rolled onto her back and stopped crying.

Janet had a really good stretch this morning. Maybe her mood helped relax her, I don’t know but her right arm and hand were much looser than yesterday as were her hips and pelvis. The right leg stretched well and hardly shook at all. The left leg was tight but not bad. I praised her all the way through the routine and she seemed to be brightening up as we went along. She did a great job brushing her teeth and made a good effort at getting up with the bed flat. I had to help her legs to get over the edge, she did the rest.

Once in the gym I gave her a five pound weight to do some bicep curls with. She went for it right away but with each rep she was holding the weight up to her ear like it was a phone. Janet did have an aversion to “smart” phones but this was a little extreme. I could not help laughing and that of course made her cry. She kept on doing the curls right up to ten even as she cried and she stopped crying after I told her why I was laughing. I/we need to be careful about this now as she becomes more aware of her situation. She is an intelligent women and needs to be treated as such. No baby talk, no laughing at her unless she laughs first, no silly questions without an explanation as to why you are going to ask that question or have her say something. She is becoming more and more sensitive to this stuff. After a little chat I gave her a six pound then a seven pound weight and she did both easily. I asked her if she remembered how much weight she used at The Women’s Place but she didn’t remember.

Moira arrived with some custom made styrofoam wedges for Janet’s shoes. The idea being when Janet is standing her heels currently don’t always touch the ground, these wedges will compensate for that and Moira can help Janet take a few steps. Exciting.

I had a chat with Erica about the funny pants and she said it’s part of the Fall Prevention Protocol. They are concerned about Janet injuring herself getting out of bed. I suggested having the lower rails up but apparently that is a form of restraint and they don’t want to go there. Also there is a risk of her getting stuck in between the two rails. Janet can wear regular pants when someone is with her but the rest of the time it’s the padded goofy ones and they will also turn on the bed alarm. I predict it will take less than thirty minutes for that to go off the first time.

Praying for a bright afternoon.


  1. Larry,

    I have followed your posts for the last couple of weeks whenever I’m on Facebook (which is rarely these days). I was shocked when I heard what had happened to Janet, but the updates make me smile to hear she is doing so well. She’s an inspiration. I was hesitating to call or say anything since we’ve haven’t spoken for so long and this seemed like the wrong time to just call you out of the blue…but I’m quietly cheering her on! Both Shane and I are. Keep up your great support! You are in our thoughts often. Just wanted to let you know that. Karen and Shane

    1. Thanks Karen. Shane did a good job on Janet’s peg tube but I’m hoping we can get rid of it soon.

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