Louder Still

More tears as I arrived this morning. Janet had been for a shower so was all dressed and clean but got all emotional before I really even said anything to her other than good morning. She calmed down after a little while and allowed me to get a really good stretch on her right arm. I am noticing an increase in the tightness of her hips and pelvis and neither leg would go as flat out as I’ve had them in the recent past.

Connie came in during stretching again and wanted to hear Janet’s voice, she did, Janet smiled and off Connie went. It’s starting to bug me how Janet is nice and loud for Connie but not me or anyone else. Teacher’s pet.

I offered Janet the opportunity to get up on her own but she just did not have the energy to do so today. I think she may be getting a little bit of a cold. Once I helped her up and she shook off the cobwebs she couldn’t wait to stand up and got all emotional that she couldn’t. She tried really hard to tell me something amongst the tears but I couldn’t understand her. When I asked if she was ready for the wheelchair, she calmed down and put her left arm on my shoulder in the ready to be lifted position.

Janet brightened right up as we entered the gym and saw Moira. I stayed for a bit to discuss the increased tightness and Moira didn’t seem overly concerned about it but did say “she’s certainly not getting any looser”. I know Janet has been like this before and hopefully with regular stretching things will improve again. Moira got Janet up on the tilt table and I left to go and talk with Jessica as it has been a while since I’ve had an update from her. Jessica is looking for ways to better engage/relate to Janet as she seems a little bored in her OT sessions. I can understand that as some of the tasks are pretty basic and from yesterday’s reaction to the what color is the pen question Janet would not be happy doing that level of stuff with anyone else either. I suggested she find things that are fairly active and learning motivated. Janet never was a good ball thrower but seems now to enjoy the challenge of doing that, especially for Nash. We discussed the new wheelchair and I think it’s fine for now as an inside chair. Janet can propel it better and we’ll keep practicing the Flintstones method. I mentioned the informal eye exam I gave Janet yesterday and Jessica said she mentioned Janet’s vision issue in Rounds on Tuesday so the team is aware and maybe we can head to some sort of real exam soon. Jessica asked about the home access issues and I explained I was only in an information gathering mode now. As long as Janet is in recovery mode I’m not planning on bringing her home. She agreed.

Since I was still in the building and Physio was almost done I went and got Janet and took her to speech. Connie started with having Janet choose between chocolate pudding, butterscotch pudding or apple sauce. She chose apple sauce and fed herself six spoonsful and swallowed within four to six seconds each time, sometimes with a secondary swallow. Connie had her make an audible A sound after each swallow as a way of testing if she swallowed correctly and each time Janet gave a nice loud A. Next up was saying words soft then loud. Janet did remarkably well. Then it was time for repeating multiple word phrases. Good again. Connie then challenged Janet with name the opposite and Janet surprised me with how well she got the answers and how loud she spoke. Vocal cord exercises were next using the E sound and Janet performed very strong again. Last was writing on the whiteboard. Lots of room for improvement there. A very strong session and I’m very impressed with how Janet has progressed and responds to Connie. Far beyond my expectations.

Dr. McCann called to say he wants to do the Botox thing at 2:30 today. I asked him about an eye exam and he doesn’t feel Janet is ready yet but we’ll talk about it this afternoon. I left Janet with Jessica and the iPad in hopes they have fun learning.

Praying for a happy afternoon and good results from the Botox.

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